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Anyone Know how to make budder.

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by vertise, Feb 9, 2008.


    vertise Well-Known Member

    I know there is a thc product called budder how is it made.

    tokin24/7 Active Member

    u take leaf or bud and mix butter all in a crokpot let it cook all day then take the leaf and put it thru a cheese cloth and wring out all the butter from the leaf into some sort of container and put it in the fridge depending on how much leaf/bud u use will depend on its potency

    lvjay702 Well-Known Member

    also know as cannabutter. or you can use vegetable oil and do the same thing if you have more recipies that call for oil, eitherof them will work great!
    Greenthumb Gangsta

    Greenthumb Gangsta Active Member

    When you make the butter you should use water as well. since THC and butter are not water soluble the butter and the THC will separate from the water when you put it in the fridge. This makes it a lot easier to prepare and separate the vegetation from the butter.

    Do some searching and you will find lots of info on this.


    vertise Well-Known Member


    420tokes Active Member

    yea Budder is totally different from Cannabutter...Canna butter is just butter with thc melted in lol...Budder is PURE THC...the most potent extract of marijuana known to man. If you smoke this, you know how high you can get on weed. Budmail.biz sells it worldwide minus the USA and UK.

    Guynamedtay12 Active Member

    hey, here is a great video that shows you how to do it, and the stuff he calls canna oil is budder. Lol has a great accent too... YouTube - how i make my canna oil

    ShogunAssassin Active Member


    Az613 Active Member

    I've actually heard of people making budder using butane... not quite sure how exactly, somethin along the lines of filling up a 2L bottle with weed and drenching it with butane, letting it drip from the bottom and then... I can't remember, musta been too high :eyesmoke:, it was actually real good tasty budder...

    SpruceZeus Well-Known Member

    I've read about this as well and was very curious.
    From a bit of research and some liberal guessing, i've concluded that "budderking" is simply screening kief from good bud and then performing a standard BHO extraction on it. I've gotta be honest though, this budder looks alot like my BHO. If you start with a very high quality product, rather than staying a "goo" Honey oil will crystalize and look a whole lot like the substance in question.
    Around here at least, this is the strongest cannabis based product we've got. Much more potent than commercial honey oil that comes around, and not even in the same league as black iso hash-oil.
    1 hit puts you on the moon. 2 hits put you on the floor.

    I could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure budderking is just a glorified BHO chef.

    my 2 cents.

    hugeheff916 Active Member

    In the BayArea we call it earwax. made through butane meathod. and yes its the best.

    Thanksfortheinfo Well-Known Member

    my personal experience:

    Use 14 grams of herb - I used 11 grams of "mexican commerical" herb and 3 grams of vaporized chronic remains.

    Use 1 stick of butter for every 14 grams. I set the stove to the lowest setting possible. The heat will stay this way the entire time. Once all the butter is melted I add the herb. I ster it every 10 minutes for a HOUR AND A HALF. If you see any steam or smoke..remove from stove and let cool down (have yet to have this problem)

    You can either strain with cheese cloth and add it to anything that requires 1 stick of butter or just use it as butter spread (have heard it works but I have yet to try) or empty into a container and refrigerate; the butter will rise over the plant material.

    I made chocolate chip brownies with mine....nice body high that lasted about 12 hours with the first three pieces I ate.

    diddystyles72 Well-Known Member

    man all I know is I get a pound of butter and 1 oz of ground up nugs i take a pot of boiling water put the butter in and the green let it boil for 30 mins. strain it to get the shake out put the water in the frig let it cool the butter gets hard and thats that

    jimbob420 Active Member

    Ok there is some confusion...

    "Budder" = BHO that has been whipped and turns back into a pastey solid. I made it for about 3 years and you don't make it with dry sift. In fact dry sift gives you an inferior product. Use whole buds that are very crystaly and have not been handled very much. you want to do a BHO extraction using turkey basters or a homemade tube or a tube from o'keif or whatever. The difference is in the whipping, you will want to heat up the bho over and over using very hot water baths and stir the oil like crazy while it hot and liquidy. Eventually it will just solidify and u will be left with budder. Be aware that not all strains "budder up" and especially if it is poor quality material or keif. PS. a lot of people will argue that the glass type of oil is tasteier than the budder up kind but that is personal preferance. Now you just need to figure out the correct way to smoke it cause if u are just tossing it on a bowl or smearing it on a joint/blunt, you aren't even getting the half of it. you have to heat up bho to a very high temp in order to get its true effect, hence the invention of the TIpad. thats all for today folks!

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    diddystyles72 Well-Known Member

    wow I'm a noob to this forreal but I found the boiling water and butter on the net but I like the way your talking about how much bud do you have to use to get a good amount ?

    jimbob420 Active Member

    1oz frosty nugs= 3-4 grams dried. Not a great turn around...leaves are where its at ;-)....good luck

    diddystyles72 Well-Known Member

    so if you use leaves how much do you add

    Mystery420 Active Member

    You make budder from BHO. you heat it up and stir untill it budders up. A lot easyer to handle than oil..

    mrheadie Well-Known Member

    diddy, they are talking about two completelt different things. they are talking about budder that you smoke, and your talking about butter that you cook with.

    bho is one of my fav's. i got an extrctor a couple of years ago, and it's 20$ well spent. my bho dish is still coated with oil from fall!!!! scraped a couple hits out a week ago,,, whoo!! was i blasted

    diddystyles72 Well-Known Member

    so whats better butter to smoke or butter you cook with? :weed:

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