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anyone know how i can clone or clip from a japanese maple tree

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by bass1014, Jun 2, 2013.


    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    hi i was wondering if anyone knows how to get a cutting ,clone or sprig off of a Japanese maple tree??????????????? A friend of mine has a very old and rare japanese maple tree that's is said to be worth in the neighborhood of $40-$50,000.00.. unknowingly to be true or even remotely close to being true, i would like to get a cutting from it just because its a very beautiful tree. i have all kinds of gardening equipment even a cloning machine. i tried this last year when there was new green growth but they didn't ever root. so again i would like to try to get a cutting and i am asking the riu world if anyone can help. phone stuff 061.jpg phone stuff 063.jpg phone stuff 062.jpg this is the overall view of the tree and a pic of the main trunk. again i can get access to green material when it gets spring or when ever i need to get a cutting i can. thanks to anyone with constructive criticism before hand.. i would like to keep this beautiful tree alive and generation to come..

    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    google it. about 1 million things popped up in half a second for me
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    Hard wood cuttings require more acidic pH. I would try cloning soft tender branchy material. Clone the same way you would with ganja. With an ez clone should be a breeze. I have even done hard wood cuttings in a rose vase. They take longer to root than ganja. And yes Japanese maples are expensive depending on the age.
    They are great to work with for bonsai. Take cuttings in summer late spring
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    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    Oh and I want one when you clone some.

    kushhound187 Active Member

    Duh, ask a arbourist or a professional botanist. i doubt the ganja forums or google will contain the best answers.

    i do know there is hardwood cloning powder

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    those specimens are probably grafted. maples aren't ez to propigate from new wood cuttings. try it again but take your cuttings in late summer, early fall when they are starting to harden off. the medium you grow in has to be sterile. like vermiculite. you have to have a humidity dome so the cuttings don't dry out at all. and take about 20 cuttings because you'll lose some to attrition. don't forget the cloning gel. i get my info from michael dirr in his book manual of woody landscape plants.
    or you can take the seeds from those little fruits, called samaras, and plant them in the fall. you just won't get the same dna. it will revert to it's parents.
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    mellokitty Moderatrix of Journals

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    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    wow thanks for the replies (no crap on the google look up) i wanted someone with experience in hard woods not a computer generated answer but thanks atidd11). thanks again kitty,danny kushhound. as far as you chronic, if i can get these babies to root i will be happy to share with the class. i was looking into the fact that Bush Gardens wants to buy it from him for $40,000.00 because there are supposed to only be a few breeds of this kind local or in the states.. so i was looking at the possibilities of making a lil money off the thing while its just sitting there...

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    wow thats a very cool pot... i am ordering me a few tonite, thanks for the info..
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    This was from a cutting. Its about 10 years old. Maples are awesome for bonsai. Especially the mini cherry blossoms. IMG_20130602_185054.jpg

    bass1014 Well-Known Member

    wow thats a very cool tree... i hope i can get this one to root, it would be awsome to have a clone worth about a grand or so.. money tree's everywhere..lmao

    95North Member

    Try looking up Air Cloning.

    LadyZandra Active Member

    Use Clonex Red (For hrdwood cuttings) and Promix...
    get the promix very damp and fill a 1 gallon pot with it. Take your cutting (1 per planter) and gently score the bark with a zazorblade vertically in 2-3" lines from the cut end up... do NOT go deep enough to touch the wood inside!!
    Dip the stem in the clonex and place int the planter... place the planter into a large clear plastic bag and use a bread tie to secure it around the base of the cutting-- you want the bag tight around the planter and low on the stem of the cutting so it holds the cutting upright-- do NOT put the bag over the top of the leaves!
    Set the whole thing in a shady spot... keep it damp- there should be condensation in the bag.

    They are NOT easy to clone- only 1-in-3 or so make it.. you will know though, if it stays perky and doesn't completely wilt on ya.

    Good Luck!! ;)
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    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    i think i like the air layering idea. why didnt i think of that?

    bleeep New Member

    If I remember correctly, Air layering first came about when all other methods of cloning certain hardwoods failed.
    If done properly, it works 100% of the time.

    That plastic A-L pot is pretty cool. It looks real easy to use.
    Myself, I use peat pucks because they're super inexpensive.
    I just wrap them in plastic Saran wrap to keep them in place and to keep in the moisture.

    azryda420 Active Member

    I think you shouldn't use new green growth. Like cloning roses, and other fruit trees, you want a thinner younger branch, but not a new branch, but a good sized one. Like at least a foot long or more. This is just my opinion. Not fact.
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    I would try multiple methods till I get a clone. Like others mentioned it can be done. LadyZandras method sounds good. I would even try an aero cloner like ez cloner. Don't like my ez cloner much makes to much noise. And it needs a chiller:sad: had to use frozen water bottles to keep it cool.:cuss:

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    willow bark is a root stimulant
    i would get a green clipping scuff up the bottom 1/4 inch of the stem
    and put half a aspirin in some water and a airstone
    aspirin is made from willows :D
    grandma used to do this with out the airstone
    she was a clip-to maniac :bigjoint:

    AnjJ415 New Member

    I am not an expert but, most things I've cloned I get about a 6" cutting, dip it in root powder, and keep it in moist well drained soil or in a clone plug. I take some of the foliage off, medium to minimum foliage is best for cloning. If you can get a Maple Sprout from under the tree then you can just pop that in a pot and water regularly. What you can also do to get a more mature clone is to air layer. If you are not familiar with that check out this link:


    Good Luck, Hope this Helps!

    ricky1lung Well-Known Member

    I have been doing some cloning with willows and lilacs.

    For the willows I take my cuttings and toss them into a 5 gallon pail of water to soak.
    Mainly I just use plain water, sometimes I will add in a rooting solution to the water. Put the
    pail in a cool shady area until they root.

    Usually within a week or two they will root and be ready to plant.

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