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Anyone know anything about King Tut (Pyramid seeds)?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by stoned.gnome, Feb 3, 2012.


    stoned.gnome Member

    Me and the roomie ordered some due to the THC level being stupid, ridiculously high:bigjoint:. I just want to know how the odor is during growing and if anyone has grown it before (I mean someone somewhere has I'm sure) if they ran into any problems.

    Tuco420 Active Member

    I got some as freebies a couple years ago and ran it outdoors. Great plant it has a nice Christmas tree structure to it with a lot of branching, (if growing indoors i highly recomend topping early) the buds are long and spear shaped sativa in structure, nice and frosty covered in trich's, with a nice citrisy sort of orange smell to them.


    heyYousGuys New Member

    Tuco, you got anything from Cannazon yet? Just curious, because I don't know if I should wait for something special or get that Lambs Bread. That shit is pretty cheap and has a quick flowering time.

    Sorry I hijacked the thread. But I don't see this guy too often on the forum

    MetalChef666 Member

    lambs bread eh??

    MetalChef666 Member

    what node do you recomend we top the plant at tuco?

    stoned.gnome Member

    @heyyouguys hey man its cool. we all got questions. lol. and thanks tuco420 for the info. We are going to SCRoG it so a tree shape should be good. How high did it grow? We working with under 3 ft.

    dumdedum Active Member

    Might give this ah go.

    Tuco420 Active Member

    I don't know it's up to you, depends on your growing style and location wether indoor or outdoor. I would top it early and offten, i guess around the 3rd or 4th node at first then keep topping and lolly pop the shit of it.

    I grew mine outdoors with 3 months veg (i cracked em May 1st so they vegged till August) in a 20 gallon pots so i don't think it really applys to indoor grows, but they were around 10 feet tall if that helps.

    No i haven't not yet, i got tired of waiting for my account to be acctivated so went ahead and bought some Killing Fields F3's and Chocolate Rain from Sannie's instead and wouldn't you know it my account was activated a day or two later.....lol Im sure i will soon though i seem to be addicted to buying seeds, i pick up 4 or 5 new strains every time im waiting for one crop to finnish i just ordered Gage Green Genetics Grape Stomper OG today.

    stoned.gnome Member

    Ok so you had plenty of space and the right time of year for it really to flourish. I'm hoping we can keep it SCRoG'd and topped off in order to fit our setup

    C.Indica Well-Known Member

    Got a clone of this dank recently,
    it was an instant favorite. Nice bud texture & whatnot.

    I haven't seen it branch,too much, but it certainly isn't an afghan.
    The branches are very skinny, it's how I identify it when cuts get mixed up.

    Topping at certain nodes isn't as important as when you top it @ that node.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    I ad a mum up untill last crop I flowered the mum. Quite gutted now to.

    TUT will be in anyones top ten after trying them.

    Littlerich as a crop running now of TUT and he says its the biggest dankest bud ever..... He grown some elite stuff to
    little rich

    little rich Active Member

    What a plant. simple to grow reacted very well to supper cropping & they love they food.they right short fat dumpy fuckers.
    my tuts are 8 wks & 3 days into flower ,the buds are white coverd in thc & the smell reminds me of bacon flavour frazzels they supper dank.
    i guarantee who ever grows thees will not be disapointed.
    i was very lucky & had the tuts as clones :).
    heres a few pictures taken at 6 & half weeks into flower

    View attachment 2422279 View attachment 2422278 View attachment 2422277 View attachment 2422276 201.jpg
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    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    They look better than commercial their at week 6..

    jr215 Member

    Tut is my indica for now. Its a wierd little plant that grows at the pace of a wounded tortoise but the smell, appearance and potency are second to none. Its a one hitter for sure and not for new smokers. If it doesnt leave you dazed, someone didnt grow it right.

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    this company seems promising..i dont hear much about it but everything is good...i grabbed the tutankhamun ak cut supposed to be knock out as well..

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