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Anyone growing Sannie's Mad Shack or Mad Scientist?

Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by Annieji, Mar 31, 2012.


    Annieji Member

    Just curious as to what characteristics yours have displayed as I have one Mad Shack that is just vibrant & likely some Mad Scientist too, but the bloody cat knocked 15 spongepots clean out of the tray, so the 9 I've kept up til now are what I call "Mystery Seedlings"

    I'm going to choose 3 of them & flower for a total of 4 - I plan to take clones from the Mad Shack girl & use her as one of my mother plants

    I have only one album here but a few nice photos of my Ms Maddie Shack (she's a keeper!)

    Prior to this, I grew nothing but Hog - these new more compact plants are really impressive to me!

    donniemcm Well-Known Member

    I have both of these waiting in the wings for my next grow.... so I'm interested too!!! Pretty much everything Sannie offers is fire so that doesnt concern me.... would love to hear about their growing characteristics tho~

    bosty Member

    second attempt at growing mad scie.
    first attempt= 2x mad shack fem
    2x mad scientist fem
    2x kill fields f2 reg
    2x skunk fem. tried these out in organic grow, potting mix from local hardware. All got nutrient lock out so they all got turfed.

    Now this second grow consists of 2x mad scientist fem seed and
    2 x blueberry clones gifted
    am growing in a recycle system using expanded clay(LECA), pot and collander system with half hourly waterings for half hour at a time.
    600 watt hps with cool tube, 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m room. extractor fan, inlet fan, cool tube fan, oscilating fan in room.
    they are at about day 30 now of flower so that is just over 4 weeks, the mad scientist shows female flower at about 17 days in, the flowers are dense compact and although seem to start slow develop into tightly formed golf ball sized flowers by 4 weeks. Very sticky to touch with trichome development already visible. The smell is beautiful like lemon candy,(what i said as soon as I smelt) i've been growing 20n years and mad scie. has to be one of the most appetising scents I have smelt. New and different a definite winner.
    I tip at week 1 flower and this has resulted in even spread of flowers. The plant has a small tight structure with very strong branching to support. The flowers are evenly spaced but only seperated by 2-3 inches at most between internodal gaps. makes me think the whole plant will be near on covered with flower if growth continues. Leaving very little of the stem to be seen eventually I hope. Large leaves need tucking under, light green colouration to whole plant. 1 of 2 mad scie. showed yellowing and viening so I added some epsom saltys and some azomite.
    Managing fine without any problem, I just hope they continue.
    Compared to blueberry clones the mad scientist flower is not as widespread but are twice the diameter of bb.
    I have managed to clone at week 1 of flower and it has take 17-20 days for root development. Using rockwool rooting powder under twin fluoro light grolux.1ml p litre grow nutes 1 part.
    I can see and smell that mad scientist is a neccesity for keen gardeners. I imagine this to be more potent than the killing fields just from looking at it you can see/smell the power she holds! Although very beautifull smelling I have not noticed an overly strong odour, after lights on and off there is a period of up to an hour where can be smelt inside. I dunno how the neighbours are going? I try not to handle or view in this period.
    Overall MAD SCIENTIST are strong, squat, thick, stocky style of plant, growing thick rounded white bud with a sweet lemon candy scent. coped well with tipping and is handling training through a net for support. Grew for 4 weeks under 400hps before flower under 600hps for 8-9 wks.
    i hope this is some help
    regards bosty
    will try to take some pics and post up.keep eye out.

    JointRoller205 Well-Known Member

    I have a Mad Scientist & Mad Shack that has been flowering for about 2 wk, im jus hoping i can get a stinky smell from them.

    blindbaby Active Member

    no, but i am their blueberrie. hope its good.

    auldone Well-Known Member

    I've grown out Sannies Mad Sci and currently growin out a Sugar Punch. The Mad Sci had a very distinct coffee smell but a slightly sweet taste. High was deep and lasted... This Sugar Punch is about 3 weeks from chop and smells so damn sweet! I have New Blue Diesel (reg), Malawi (reg), Mad Shack (fem), Cheeseberry (reg), Killing Fields (fem), and Shackzilla (fem) from Sannie and Crew plus 3 different sets of Indy Dom Blueberry (reg) test beans from Eskobar...
    Howard Stern

    Howard Stern Well-Known Member

    That S/P is going to blow your mind! I am finishing up the last bit I had off a big girl! She will stretch on ya and the one I had was a 13 weeeker! Don't chop her early check her trich's! Sannies gear is amazing! Try out his Herculies! Masive producer of some great smoke! Not top shelf but damn close!

    auldone Well-Known Member

    Nice! Yeah tomorrow will be day 56 and was planning on a 11-12 week flower. She is lookin good and smelling fantastic! I've also got a DNA Sour Cream goin with the SP. She's throwin all kinds of purple and is very chunky. not much of a smell yet but looks nice. She should be done in a month or so also... Its gettin to be that time to figure out what to grow out next!!!

    blindbaby Active Member

    me too. i was told that madshack was a tall sativa. i got two beans with my order of "exreama", that i hope is also NOT TALL. any info on these, as far as height goes is appreaciated.
    Howard Stern

    Howard Stern Well-Known Member

    100_4538.jpg Mad shack on the right! LOL she is danky! ;) I have grown out sannies Colousus, Killing Fields, Sugar Punch, and his herculies. Sannies gear is always top knotch! I didn't care for the K/F pheno I got and the Colousus I only ran once but out of those I would recomend the Sugar Punch for sure for a good ass sativa, 10-12 weeker though! Or Herculies for yeild/potency! Big fucking produce and good smoke, the S/P was a big producer also! All sanies gear is the shit man you will not be dissapointed!

    I ordered some beans off the Tude from Holy smoke seeds and I can't get them to germ. Malanje Gold? Supposed to be the grand daddy of sativas and the fucking beans wont crack! LOL been growing for a few years now and have never had a problem germing beans! Gonna see if I can get in contact with Holy Smoke. If not I will let RIU know with my long review of Holy Smoke seeds and their customer service. If I got ripped off I want to share with others so they don't!

    Tokeroo Well-Known Member

    Growing Mad Shack now. Here's a pic of her. I topped her not long before flower. She's on day 46 as of today

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    Howard Stern

    Howard Stern Well-Known Member

    Ha Ha I'd be fucking proud of that one man! I can only hope my Mad Shack comes out like yours. It should, Sannies doesn't have a big pheno difference with his beans that I have noticed! Everything that I grow from him grows similar.

    NerdJr Member

    One of the most potent strains in the Galaxy ! :fire:
    Howard Stern

    Howard Stern Well-Known Member

    How fast she has grown! She will be two months old here soon and she is about 7 days from flower. I LST'd her, not my best LST but I aint complaining!

    This is my LST Mad Shack I can't wait to push this pig in! Waiting for 3 others to be ready, I like to push 4 plants in at a time. It makes it easier to water on a perpetual grow for me.

    NerdJr Member

    Mad Shack at two months old which was three months ago, imagine it now :) Over 60 main colas :) Has also been pollinated with Mini Mango auto-flower :) Cant wait to get those seeds :) gallery823936424161.jpg gallery8239364293021.jpg gallery82393642172495.jpg

    Annieji Member

    My original Mad Shack girl from Sannie's freebee fem seed, I fimmed - a friend grew it out in a 25 gallon pot & at harvest, it was 14.5' D X 9.5' H!

    We were wondering how big it would've gotten if we'd used a bigger container!

    Also love this strain for making cold water extraction hashish! Only one try so far & nothing but gold in the #25 micron bag! Has that "piney" type taste I remember so well from the hash from my youth! :)
    (no food grade showed up, I think this was because the plant had to be moved at a critical point in bloom to outside & had to finish up, there - want to customize my bags for different situations/plants/trichomes but at the time, the next size up from the #25, I only had a #73 at the time - no #40, unfortunately)
    Hairs on mine are golden :)

    Will be in a better living/growing place within a year or so & definitely plan to have this gal around for regular growing/harvesting especially once I'm there!
    Really great medicine & also a BIG producer!
    Very grateful to Sannie for this awesome freebee! :)
    Last harvest tested out at 24%, very nice! ;)

    Annieji Member

    big buds!.jpg heavy topped maddie.jpg Big Stick!.jpg

    Keep in mind, these were grown in a small #3 pot!
    (have to make sure I can move it when wet if necessary thanks to my very bad lower back! but will have a lot better options once I've moved! YAY!)

    Annieji Member

    I don't top mine anymore - I use twine (doesn't seem to cut into the branch!) to bend the branches & I end up with massive big tops as well as big side-of-branch buds!

    Is anyone else bending branches open & out like I am?
    Just curious! :)

    Grow On and Stay Calm!

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