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anyone grow royal queen seeds diesel auto? or any diesel auto?

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by zbrenner, Mar 16, 2013.


    zbrenner Active Member

    Lookin for a diesel automatic will good yields. anyone know of any options from either SoS or nirvana?


    Rastaman85 Active Member

    Hello from Scotland mate! Ive never grown but Im hoping to soon start my first. I also want to use autos first and want a diesel one in there as I love NYCD. I have had a look about and Im thinking BioDiesel Mass Automatic from Attitude. 9/10 weeks, good yielding, fairly potent (17% thc) and apparently it has a strong diesel smell. Worth checking out in my opinion. Has some good feedback on RIU.

    zbrenner Active Member

    Thanks rasta! That is my 2nd option im leaning towards the biodiesel already before i even do any research lol. IF ANYONE AHS GROWN ADVANCED SEEDS BIODIESEL MASS OR ROYAL QUEEN SEEDS DIESEL AUTOMATIC PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
    redeye jedi88

    redeye jedi88 Active Member

    biodiesel mass is a good strong indica with nice yields i have done a few strains from royal queen seeds all i would recommend but i havent done there diesel...my next purchase is actually gona be biodiesel mass its highly recommended on the site i use plus you get royal queen bluematic free with every order

    DanTheReggaeFan New Member

    I havn't got a finished one to compare to, but I'm about to start flushing my auto diesel from royal queen and I've gotta say the yield seems quite decent for an auto. It's also been easy to grow and smells lovely. Can't wait to smoke it now

    budbuddingding Active Member

    half way through growing advanced bio diesel mass auto, seems to be going well so far but can't yet comment on yield, smoke etc

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    just the himalaya blue diesel
    had some g-13 diesels i gave a buddy they turned out ok

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