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Anyone Ever Use Grower's Secret Pro?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by thebeej72, Mar 27, 2012.


    thebeej72 Well-Known Member

    has any one ever used growers secret? The website says they are omri certified and can increase yield? Any experience out there?


    malignant Well-Known Member

    Iit could be interesting, if anyone uses it they should post a journal about it, its not anything that peaks my interest, but I use AACT.

    thebeej72 Well-Known Member

    what really peaked my interest is that it can be added to compost teas. In the case studies 30-50% yield increase by adding to your already existing nutrients.

    malignant Well-Known Member

    hmm. i use my own compost which has pineapple, papaya, beet, ginger, celery, apple, cucumber, kale, spinach, parsley, tomato, carrot, chile, peppers, coffee grounds, wheat grass, and post bubble hash sludge. i juice 2/3 of my food so there is very rich compost, i need to feed it to worms so i can stop buying local castings. do they have anything with yucca root? im always trying to find new sources of organic yucca. thanks for posting about it, if you do a run of it post your progress and opinions, a lot of us would be very interested in your findings.

    blueJ Active Member

    i like whats in it:
    an organic product derived from a brewing process involving pineapple juice, pureed papaya, molasses, and an edible mushroom. After incubation, the entire culture is heated (to kill the fungus), filtered (to remove debris), then heated and reduced to a concentrate.

    But @ $32/oz or $1,100/litre wOw! Given, it's used at a rate of 1ml/4 gal, that 1 oz bottle will treat 125gal, for me that will last like 6 weeks i think. $5 or so a week, not bad, who's gonna be the guinea pig? :D

    InnovateOrganic Member

    Whoa! I work at Grower's Secret and came across this. Benny Bronze (Oaksterdam professor) runs a blog using our products pretty regularly


    malignant Well-Known Member

    hmmm are we getting spammed?

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