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Anyone else add humic / fulvic acid to their foliar mix?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by anomolies, Aug 22, 2010.


    anomolies Well-Known Member

    Some of my younger plants are getting the claw.

    This I've read is from nitrogen toxicity. Apparently humic acid increases nitrogen uptake.

    But if my plants are already getting the max NPK they can from the watering solution, or from the foliar solution, then wouldn't adding humic acid be pushing them too hard?

    So I'm starting to wonder if humic has any actual benefit...

    On a different set of plants that aren't having the claw symptom I'm currently doing a side by side comparison of humic acid vs without so we'll see how that goes..

    Just wondering what I should do about the claw problem though. Reduce the nutrient dosage or stop adding humic acid?

    Smrt Active Member

    Its not the humic, I had the same problem and wasnt using humic. Humic and Fulvic Id rather use over B1, Superthrive or all the other vitamins, I know it's not a vitamin but both are awesome additives.

    And after flushing it didnt take away the claw so Im doubting it was toxicity, especially since I dont feed them strong mixes.

    anomolies Well-Known Member

    hm.. so what is it? i'm growing TGA strains.. it's only happening to some.. and not my outdoor plants..

    What else can cause claw?

    air circ? temp? RH?
    Dinosaur Bone

    Dinosaur Bone Active Member

    Robert Faust has been researching humics & fulvics for 40 years on regular crops. There are studies with side by side comparisons. Here is the website... and likely this is where hydroponic nutrient places buy from http://www.bioag.com/home.html

    The benefit is better results with less nitrogen. That is the point, especially if you have hundreds of acres of crop.... less nitrogen use, better yields and product for $30 per acre just makes good sense.A bottle of Nutes might not set you back a lot... but a regular farmer uses a much larger bottle of nutes which does cost rather a lot.

    And yes, I do foliar sprays with Humic & fulvic acid. My regular Garden has responded well since 1996 with the stuff, and I can see no reason for not applying it to my first weed crop.

    anomolies Well-Known Member

    exactly, so I'm wondering if you don't reduce the amount of nitrogen to account for this, or if you're giving your plants the highest possible EC before nute burn, wouldn't adding humic acid result in nitrogen toxicity?

    coolaidyoulove Active Member

    I know this is an older thread but to answer your question, YES it can and will burn your plants. Check out the photos of mine.... perfect PPM's and PH but burnt because of Humic Acid. I can see its benefit in a large garden but in most MJ ones with buckets I think its counterproductive to a certain degree, or perhaps useful in minute portions applied once. But for the headache it caused me Im dumping it out( or giving it to a regular farmer with acres of land...

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    I use bioag fulpower in my rez. Humic not good for dwc. Claw can have many causes, nute lock out is a strong possibility. Most use waaaay too much nutes. You have to factor in the volume of soil/less mix, or rez size to determine how much to feed.

    dmwood Member

    I am really. Just learning about humics. However, they seem to be a excellent stimulant during the veg period. I believe it helps the plant by building or releasing the micro organisms in the soil. These organisms help improve the root zone and soil quality. . The improvement of soil and roots allow for greater nutrient up take. So a reduction in nutrients can be consider ed. The claw comes from a lack of magnesium and calcium or another micro nutrient. I currently make a tea using ancient forest for humics.

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