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    kingleroyone Active Member

    i can't seem to find a timer that is trust worthy for my grows all timers i buy work fine for a wile then screw up no more timers for me going back to pro-mix/8inch pots, fuck full out hydro/rock-well cubes, it's better that way back to basics for me water by hand (no timers) my grow is screwed cus of timer all my plants fell over from the flood

    bowlfullofbliss Well-Known Member

    get better timers. are you using recycle timers, the ones like this [​IMG]?

    They don't generally have troulbe, but I guess in 10 yrs I've had one go out, but it missed a feeding once and it was thrown away.
    3 Pounds of Weeden

    3 Pounds of Weeden Active Member

    ^^^ thats agreat one or anything digital

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Promix is the shit, great for new growers cuz' it's almost impossible to screw up. Sorry to hear about your disaster, only problem I ever had was with one of those cheap mechanical timers...which I should not have been using anyways.

    Can the plants be saved via transplantation?.

    BrewsNBuds Active Member

    That's what I like to hear. I just planted in PROMIX on 1/1, my seedlings are looking strong, and I am a first timer. You know, not counting that time back in 99 after we watched Half Baked and decided to grow a bunch of guys from bag seed.

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