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Anybody Used Ona Gel????

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by IrishDoc, Jan 14, 2010.


    IrishDoc Well-Known Member

    I would like to know if anyone has used Ona Gel and what type of results they have had out of it. Please list the size of your grow room and the number of plants you have or had when using it, so I and everyone reading can get an accurate picture of the performance of this product.:bigjoint:

    stelthy Well-Known Member

    HI, ive not actually used it yet but have got some comming in the post soon from e bay :) ONA has an xtremly good rep, so i wasnt hesitent to buy it at all I bought a small tub of the block version in blue, and a 1 liter tub of gel also the blue one, i plan on having the cube in my growroom mounted half way up the unit, and the other just in my actal room both with a few holes drilled in the lids to make the air purifiers last longer, ill keep you updated when they arrive, my grow room is a office cupboard converted - well i modified the hell out off it :) its about 6ft high 1 ft deep and 2.5 ft wide i use two 4 " can filters one in the grow cupboard and one sticking out the top of it i have 2 plants a smelly SKUNK/CHEESE cross and the other JACK HERER when the doors are closed there is no smell at all but once open fuckme the smell is well potent lol, hence me buying ona to keep it on the low :) check out my pics leave comments etc if you please, cheers good luck ~ Stelthy :)

    tat2ue Well-Known Member

    I use Ona Gel and it does pretty good for me. My flower room is 8 x12 and has 160 plants in it at all times. It is a perpetual SOG grow. What I do is drill small holes in the lid and hang it on my ocsilating fan to circulate it in the room....very effective.

    IrishDoc Well-Known Member

    What size Ona are you using and how long does it usually last you??:bigjoint:

    tat2ue Well-Known Member

    It is actually the Ona Block not the gel I use. It come in a small round tub and 2 of them last me about a month

    leethewarmage Active Member

    i use the o n a gel with soil moist in a 5 gallon bucket with a fan mounted on the top. row room is 4x4 about 8 feet high. i use a 6 plant hydro home built. two 34 gallon totes. 400 watt hps. ozium was working for awhile but cost to much money. i recamend doing the o n a buck that was in 2010 jan issue high times. works great. they say not to keep that stuff in with drying budds and not in the grow room itself i keep mine just outside my grow room. when you buy the gel and it runs out you can just get the liquard o n a same price and still use the gel you already have. the buucket works better. 1 cup soil mosit(12 bucks at home debot) 1 cup o n a gell(local hydro store) 5 cups water. the gel will expend and fill out the bottom of bucket, make sure you drill holes in bucket a cuple inchs up so the fan blows that shit out. check everyday give it water. one set up last for a week befor i had to add more o n a gell, make the shit last for a year. it cost me 20 bones for the gel.

    terrorizer805 Well-Known Member

    I have not used it myself but i've heard nothing but good things from people that use the Ona Bucket. I will be making one soon since my ladies are on 12/12 so it's only a matter of time until they start stinking up the house :)

    IrishDoc Well-Known Member

    Well I went ahead and ordered a gallon of the Ona Pro. I will keep this thread up to date as to the effectiveness of this product for my room.:bigjoint:
    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK

    CaNNaBiZ CaNucK Well-Known Member

    I used Ona gel for my first closet grow which was only one plant. It was pretty effective, though my whole living space was totally saturated with the odour. Outsiders could only detect the citrus smell and nothing else. Effective, but very pungent which may not be suitable for everyone.

    greenman28 Active Member

    How did this stuff work out for you? Did it cover the smell of weed? Would the smell seem odd to someone who visited your home? Thanks in advance!

    18fan Active Member

    Im using the ona block thats linen scented.......doesnt smell like laundry but is a managable smell.

    I feel if masks and absorbs the smell well.

    The smell of ona pro gel was offensive to me.

    JackStrawFromWichita Well-Known Member

    just bought some of it to give it a try (ona pro gel), it works wayyy better than i thought it would. only have a small bathroom closet going (personal medi use), i was using the bathroom exhaust with success to keep the smell out of the rest of my house but the bathroom itself still reeked. bought a gallon jug, the second you open it you realize how intense it is... so essentially i filled about two inches of the bottom of a solo cup and just left it out in the bathroom. YOU CAN't SMELL ANYTHING BUT THE ONA. I'm thinking event the small solo cup was too much it's that powerful. Would never consider keeping it in the actual room but putting it in any border room where you're getting scent leakage it will immediately cover it up. I wish i knew about this stuff when i was running bigger rooms, a small cup would easily take care of a 10x10 room in full flower. I wouldn't put it near the plants themselves because they might acquire the smell but I've since scrapped my plans to get a small carbon filter.

    unless you're running massive space (significantly over 100 sq ft) you hardly need any of this stuff to take care of your needs, I bought the gallon jug and it's more than i'll need for a very long time... a pint would probably hold me over for several months.

    JackStrawFromWichita Well-Known Member

    agree on the pro gel smell being offensive

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    I was a user of ONA gel. closet grow, 3' x 5' vented into a bathroom with an open window. I had a jar of ONA Pro Gel and a bottle of the liquid to reconstitute the gel. (the gel will last sooo much longer that way). At first, it totally masked the smell of weed, however the entire house had that ONA smell. About 2-3 weeks into using it, I'm beginning to smell the marijuana vaguely, almost hidden by the ONA, but definetly smelling a fresh plant. Half way through flowering, I realized I was becoming accustomed to the ONA and was able to discern the weed again. Even my roommate made the same comment.

    I Highly recommend ONA on hand for sudden visits from family or friends that are unannounced. Pop that jar open asap and no worries. For full time protection, I have a scrubber in my tent AND an ozone generator not far from the grow room door. The tent has negative air pressure, so all odor is scrubbed through the can filter before leaving the tent. The ozone generator kills any smells that escape when I open the tent door.

    For those that are growing in a closet or small space, consider getting an ozone generator. (about $70 on eBay) Not only does it kill odor, ozone is beneficial to plants as is the co2 generated. ONA can't do that. But as I said, do keep ONA on hand for emergencies or even planned events, like Thanksgiving dinner with the inlaws. They may wonder why your house smells hospital clean, but they won't smell weed the short time they are there. (The odor is there however!! ONA does not negate weed odor, it just masks it. Keep that in mind)

    needmorechronic Member

    Ill have to disagree with you serapis, Ona does not mask smells it neutralizes, it simply sucks up the smell. Ona is actually made from plants and it is safe to have around your plants. it neutralizes smell and doesnt mask them at all not to say you cant still smell the ona a little bit .... its kind of a fresh linen clean urinal smell but its not that bad and you get use to it ! i kind of like it, its easier for me to spend 50 bucks on ona and get three blocks and a bottle of ona gel ( my favorites) that will last me for atleast two months while flowering and harvesting than to cough up 300 bucks i dont have for a carbon filter and thats for a cheap one, plus from what i understand the carbon filter is heavy and loud and you have to buy ducting and i just dont have the set up for that. so for anyone wondering ona will take care of your problems you can still grow without an expensive ass carbon filter, just make sure you buy enough dont get one freakin jar and expect it to last two months get enough and some for back ups... but ona can replace a carbon filter completely and i dont have stock in ona i just read and stressed over this topic for a long time thinking i had to get a carbon filter until i actually got my onas in and realized they were the real deal, and they came just in the nick of time to right when the ladys started stankin!!!! but no stink now just a fesh urinal smell and by god i like fresh urinal smell!!!!!! better than nosey neighbors

    aidosmoke Active Member

    Four plants, small shed. It works very well along side my carbon filter. I use the block, I highly recommend it.........


    I use the gel along with the ona fan, it sits on top of the gallon container, the fan pulls the air into the bucket, it really keeps the odor down and the ona smell a little more contained.
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    kush groove

    kush groove Active Member

    i was gonn purchase ona-gel a few months back, but i stumbled across the gonzo odor eliminator in home depot and it didnt require any additional help to control the odor of my two girls all the way through drying......i got six plants that are about three weeks flowering today, and still no odor

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