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Anybody know if the Jackson, MI Farmers market is STILL happening?

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by jonnynobody, Apr 19, 2012.


    TheMan13 Well-Known Member

    Damn drug dealers :-o


    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    Eh? Am I reading this correctly.....?

    CalicoJackOff Member

    Hey coryandtrevor, are you gonna be there this Saturday? I'd love to get some more of that ice from you
    Cory and trevor

    Cory and trevor Well-Known Member

    yeah. I think i will be there but only til 2-230pm. Got family obligations. hope to see lots of people out there.
    25 years away

    25 years away Member

    Any more updates on the new Farmers Market on Lansing Ave. in Jackson? I think I will be going up there this Saturday if it's open (not sure of a Holiday schedule) as I have some unused meds. to get rid of! Have nice Purple Kush (although not very purple in color), and some Canna Caps I'll be bringing along at great donation rates.
    Cory and trevor

    Cory and trevor Well-Known Member

    careful captain snitchy pants doesn't throw a drug-deaking fit on you LOL. I haven't had time to get back there but I have a feeling it's doing better than worse. that's just a guess they seemed to have the right trajectory.
    25 years away

    25 years away Member

    C & T, Thanks!
    I don't post often as there's usually too much childish BS going on, even when legitimate questions are asked! I thought someone might have a problem but figured they can't take away my birthday sooooo, F.... it!
    Will you be around there this weekend?

    HelpHub Well-Known Member

    I went a couple weeks ago, looking to pick up, not get rid of.

    There were maybe 8 vendors or so. Four of them weren't worth looking at, two had OK product...and two others had really nice stuff and got all my business.

    All-in-all, I would go back. I agree, they are on their way to having a good thing there.
    Cory and trevor

    Cory and trevor Well-Known Member

    I got 2 oz and I need to make it into bills money one way or the other. Thinking market but feeling the disp as easier...decisions decisions...hypothetical lies it's all lies I am not serious (or am I...?) please don't report me...

    lemonskunklarry Member

    have been at the farmers market the last 3 weekends. i have had no bad experiences with joe or the staff. they seem to be friendly and helpful as long as ur not a dickwad to em they will bend over backwards to help u. plenty of venders and some good green if u shop around. look for the sliver platter we have killer lemon skunk for 10 a g and its straight top shelf. would upload a pic but im on my phone and the site doesnt support it i guess. we also have a full compliment of seeds we obtained from attitude seed bank. stop in (its free to check out as a patient) and check us out. if we dont have the seed ur looking for we have a larger library at home we may have it. if looking for seed or green stop into the pearl street farmers market and look for larry with a large silver platter full of big frosty nugs. wont be dissapointed!

    bloodytrichomes New Member

    lmao funny joe cain is the biggest high on

    mancelonaman Member

    Is he still running it, I had heard he was no longer affiliated?
    Cory and trevor

    Cory and trevor Well-Known Member

    He has his, there is a new market in Jackson on lansing ave. So he is not affiliated with one but is the other. He is the pearl street one.

    mancelonaman Member

    Thanks, I used to go every weekend, never had issue with joe and enjoyed the social aspect of it all. Any markets up near traverse these days? I miss the canna bistro.
    Cory and trevor

    Cory and trevor Well-Known Member

    that name brings back memories...

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