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anybody gonna be trying TGA's new bagged super soil??????

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Kb's seeds, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Kb's seeds

    Kb's seeds Active Member

    jus saw recently on the weed nerd that sub has partnered with down to earth inc. to make a bagged version of subs super soil, last i saw he was doing a trial run between the bagged super soil and sum home made super soil with roots organic as the base, now i havent watched the most recent episode of the weed nerd so idk how the trial is going but from what i saw from the last episode i watched the roots was still out performing the down to earth version, a thought jus came to me between bong rips....subcool should partner with roots organics, they are a oregon based company so its not like they r across the country, idk sub has always had roots as his base for the super soil recipe and folks get stellar results using that soil mix, i dont think it should be changed up, but then again ul never learn something new unless u try it out........................................so my question is for all the team green avengers that use the super soil an have been for awhile, is anybody gonna give the bagged version a shot or continueing to make ur own super soil? idk why but there is something fullfilling about mixing ur own hot soil mix and seeing the results of ur work, buying bagged soil that needs nothing extra kinda takes the fun outa that

    throwdo Well-Known Member

    not for the busy people , i mostley grow hydro but when the baged soil hits the shelf im gonna do a run to see what all this organic hoha is all about

    djlifeline Well-Known Member

    Im from UK but if shipped it here I'd buy it. I completely agree I can make it and no doubt cheaper then they will sell it for but some of us don't have maybe time or worried get it wrong etc etc. for me out if ease I would use it. I think I would fuck it up mixing my own lol and if I could just water that would save me time and nute money. Depends on your situation I guess. For me I buy bio bizz all mix and gets me through decent amount of way without having to add much.

    Just my lil opinion :)

    nugbuckets Well-Known Member

    it sure makes it easier for the patients though....patients first.......nothing wrong with more choices......as far as the test, the smaller plant was put in the new mix....plus waaaay too early to tell.
    Kb's seeds

    Kb's seeds Active Member

    nugbuckets ya i kinda thought he put that little clone in alitte to early too, and ya ur right it does make it easier for the patients there is nothing wrong with that,

    djlifeline im sure ul be able to order it online, u guys can get fox farm shipped over there right? and ya ur right it kinda does depend on the growers situation and finances, ive been makin my own hot soil mix for while now and i love it, all i need to do during the season is water and add sum compost teas, it definitely helps me save money on nutes, the only liquid nutrients i buy are fox farms big bloom and wholesome sweeteners organic un-sulphured molasses, a gallon of big bloom will last me all season easily

    and throwdo whatda u mean not for the busy people, us organic growers stay quite busy as well, i know hydro growers have to pay attention to their meters alot more and stay on top of the ph of ur resivoir and all that, but organic growing can require alota labor too lol, im glad to hear ur gona try organic growing out, jus remeber u gota use filter water jus like with hydro, only for different reason than hydro, with hydro i know u guys have to worry bout the hardness of the water u use and dont really want alot minerals in the water, with organics u dont want alota extra minerals in ur water either but the biggest concern is chlorine or chlorimine, its in every cities drinkin water and will kill all bacteria, well with organics u depend on ur benifical bacteria and fungi so u dont want the chlorine killin em, itd be counter productive, anyway jus water with de-chlorinated water and have a fun season

    djlifeline Well-Known Member

    Yeah we can fox farm in our hydro shops and online via eBay and American sites. Quite widely available actually. Like I say I'd deaf try it. Wouldn't wanna pay more then £20 a 50l bag though. Think equates to approx... $30-40. Don't know current exchange rate so don't quote me on that lol.

    canniboss Well-Known Member

    Shipping soil is super expensive

    djlifeline Well-Known Member

    Agreed but just like smart pots and fox farms. It reaches here in our hydro stores.

    drolove Well-Known Member

    hell ya it is. cost me $50 for 4 bags online

    Rj41 Well-Known Member

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    I thought a Tool was someone that posted negative things on positive thread?

    Green Avenger Soil has not made it through the heavy metals testing required by the USDA so I can't tell you when that will happen.
    The main product that I think will benefit most growers will be the nutrient pack that you add to base soil and worm casting to create super soil.
    It is light enough and small enough to ship in a large flat rate box which makes shipping 16$ anywhere in the US.

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    ddimebag Active Member

    Hey Sub,
    Are you also going to be shipping the nutrient pack to europe?
    Kb's seeds

    Kb's seeds Active Member

    that makes alot more sense that its more of a nutrient boost that u add to ur base soil, and thas pretty tight that shipping will be pretty cheap, il definitely give it a whirl when it gets released, be interesting to mix it in with my soil mix and have sum fun

    MrGreenTooth Active Member

    TY Subcool for helping the patients grow their meds...we need all the positive help we can get...Free The Cannabis !

    nattybongo Active Member

    This site realy has to get its like button back.
    I will be buying these when there available over this way. Thanks Sub! PROUD follower.
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member


    Rj41 Well-Known Member

    Wow! Are you all naive?? You're all being conned.

    MJ is just a plant, nothing more. It uses the same nutrients as all other plants.
    Once you're able to accept that, your eyes might be opened to the shenanigans going on.
    People like "NotSoCool" are abusing the medical aspect, lie-ing to people, and preying on the ignorant and uninformed.
    Wake up, Knuckleheads! NotSoCool is not the person you think he is. EVERYTHING he does is for profit.

    Here's just one of many links with NotSoCool ranting about nonsense:
    Ah, nevermind. It must have been too embarrassing because now he's made it private.
    The proof is out there people. You just have to open your eyes.

    As a final note I'll leave you all with this:

    There's absolutely no need to buy expensive soil mixes.
    If your current soil is lacking, amend it. Pretty simple huh?
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    acidbox420 Active Member

    Im sure people know they can make their own fucking soil the point is it makes it SIMPLE, as in people dont need to nute burn the hell out of plants because of the learning curve for their fist couple grows. Sounds like your mad cause he's making money, this site is about helping people get the herb they need. If you wanna help try posting a cheap easy way to amend soil thats been proven instead of just talking shit about someone you dont like

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately you haven't said anything but personal slander against Subcool. Amending soil is exactly what he teaches. You are adding nutrients to the soil to bring it to a level that your plants require.

    One does not amend soil the same way for tomatoes as they do for leafy greens. Many soils are not recommended for re-use and amendment under normal gardening practices. Because amending a soil properly can take up to 2 years. Starting with a fresh base soil makes the process faster and easier.

    Thanks for your input!

    Banditt Well-Known Member

    This Rj guy has the right idea.

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