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Any tips on avoiding getting caught?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Midnight_Rider, Feb 4, 2007.


    Midnight_Rider Active Member

    My main concern is getting caught by the power company. I haven't started growing yet, but this process seems to need alot of power. Also, I'm in a condo, so we don't pay for electricity, its included in condo fees. I'm not sure if that matters.

    Happy smokings! :joint:

    - Adam

    le1337need Well-Known Member

    Don't tell anyone you are growing, pay the electric bill or fee bill, keep smells to a min, lobby to your senator to legalize and you should be fine =)

    Celticman Well-Known Member

    Change all your lights to low-wattage Compact Flourecence Lights. Just thnk of how much wattage you are saving if you drop from 75 watts to 13 watt CFL's. That would be a start. Make sure you refrigerator is set at 45.

    get good carbon scrubber and a negative ion generator.

    In a condo, I would only have 1 MAYBE 2 plants flowering at any given time.

    Grow low scent weed (I hear Cintral isn't too bad).



    Indica415 Active Member

    get a cannibus card like me and then its legal to smoke and grow it.

    MajoR_TokE Well-Known Member

    Don't tell anyone you grow c a n n a b i s.

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    yeah, Don't tell anyone you grow c a n n a b i s.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    In any war, intelligence--information about the enemy--lays the groundwork for attack. So, the less police know about growers the better. Law enforcement collects most of the information about the enemy from the enemy. By controlling their activities and surroundings, growers minimize what law enforcement knows about them and the accompanying aftermath. Your activities--where you go, how you go there, what you buy, how you pay for it, who you talk to, what you say--are all things you can control. Your surroundings--your home, growroom, outside property, electrical use, air quality, and visitors--are also parts of your environment that you are able to control.

    Never trust anybody, not friends, not family, not even your own children or mother! US conspiracy laws make it possible to jail victims for what they say or what is said about them. America reminds me of Cuba is this regard. A few years ago while visiting the forbidden island, I was amazed to find so many parallels between Cuba and the United States. One of the most striking similarities the two countries share is the fact that what you say or what is said about you can land you in jail!

    When calling or visiting an indoor garden store, never, ever mention marijuana or anything illegal. Do not allude to growing anything illegal. They will be forced to kick you out or hang up immediately.

    Stories abound about narcs watching garden-store parking lots and following clients home. You never know when law enforcement will bring the battlefield to the parking lot. Assume they are there. If you must go to a dangerous place, do not go there regularly and do not drive your own car. Take public transportation or go in a car not registered to you or anybody in your family.

    Cash tells no tales and leaves no trails. Pay for all purchases relating to the growroom in cash. If you must order something by mail or UPS, pay with a money order that was purchased in cash. Avoid the convenience of using a credit card. Even if it's someone else's, you immediately become a bargaining chip for them if they have any legal problems.

    Do not take photos of your garden that show incriminating evidence such as peoples faces, tattoos or anything traceable, such as telephone or license-plate numbers, addresses on a letter, etc. When taking photographs to be developed, do not list your telephone number or address on the receipt. Pay for the photos in cash and do not drive your car to the store.

    If you live in the United States, never, never, ever show your growroom to anybody! Do not tell anybody you are growing or have ever grown! Always deny growing. Such information in the hands of someone else renders you powerless. The word "friend" rolls off the tongue so easily until the "friend" is interrogated by law enforcement. Two of the major weapons cops have in their arsenal are deception and intimidation. They lie and intimidate petrified growers to extort information from them.

    When a grower is arrested, they are interrogated--not like in the movies, but for real. The interrogation is not over one or two sessions. It often goes on for months. During this time, the accused (without being proved guilty) is coerced into providing information about other growers. Even if they do not know anything about those growers, they are pressured to make up information so the police can use this erroneous information to secure search warrants. Guilt by association has blindsided more than one grower.
    A jealous, spiteful or vindictive friend, lover or enemy has complete control over you and your future if they know you are growing. Imagine, just on the whim of a snitch, your life can be changed forever. I met a grower who was cultivating marijuana as medicine to ease the side effects of chemotherapy he was receiving. His vindictive daughter forced him to grow a bigger crop than he needed, sell the excess and pay her the proceeds in exchange for not ratting him out. I could feel the pain in the poor man's words when he told me the story.

    Once law enforcement has stumbled across evidence, received solicited evidence from spiteful snitches or coerced evidence from freaked-out friends trying to save themselves, they go out and look for information by subpoena, phone records, electric records, shopping records, etc., and then deploy more sophisticated snoop tactics, most often dogs trained to sniff marijuana.

    All that I've got to say is have a lawyer, be prepared. Cops are sneaky, be sneakier. Get a big dog, and have a secured property. Make sure that no one can get in unless you let them in, including cops.

    Midnight_Rider Active Member

    Thanks for all the info guys... it seems like living in Canada improves my chances of not getting caught. I will keep this operation stealthy, but ill let you guys know how it goes.
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    only 1 true way of not gettin caught is not doin it lol but yeah like these guys said tell no one ,control the smell as best as possible and just use your common sense ie.dont have nosey family or friends around,dont do anything so that a service man etc has to come round .but 1 point to make is ..no matter how carefull you are ,if you grow there is allways a chance of being caught so you have to acccept it could happen.dont sell any and dont go crazy on the amount you grow then if you are ever caught your not gonna get done for dealing ....just personal use .

    420penguin Well-Known Member

    Any advice on where to find a good criminal defense lawyer BEFORE you need them?

    whitebombs Well-Known Member

    i'm a lawyer

    420penguin Well-Known Member

    I appreciate it, but I'm not up to meeting people in real life that I chat with on here. More interested in how to locate a local lawyer who can give me some advice. I've considered checking out the local NORML chapter.

    crisc Active Member

    Do you guys think 1000 watts is too much ?

    Im worried the electric company will notice 1000 watts.

    However, I was thinking of using an electric ballist to keep cost down?

    alexdunaba Well-Known Member

    Find the breaker to your hot water heater, and turn it off for X amount of time (x=the amount of time you're lighting your plants).

    alexdunaba Well-Known Member

    How long have you been practicing, and what area of law do you specialize in?

    dinobelly Well-Known Member

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! - the refrigerated safe-zone is between 36 and 40 degrees F. At 45 nasty little bacteria and such will thrive and you run the risk of getting sick. However, to make the fridge more efficient, fill the empty spots in there with jugs of water - it holds the cold better than air, therefore your fridge doesn't have to work quite so hard, especially in the summer when it's warm in the house and you're getting in there for cold beverages all the time. Get a thermometer and keep an eye on it.

    Plain and simple, conserve where you can, use the sleep timer on televisions - they use a lot of juice, turn off the PC or at least put it to sleep and turn off the monitor when you're not using it, switch to CFLs in the light fixtures in your house and generally conserve where you can. If you're just growing for personal use, you can't get too bent out of shape over less than 1000 watts - most small space heaters use between 1500 and 2000 watts. This is all common sense stuff. We should be doing it anyway to conserve resources and cold hard cash. It's not hard stuff, just keep it simple.

    LemonHerb Well-Known Member

    Hire ninjas, problem solved.

    BCSKing Well-Known Member

    1 - Don't tell a soul
    2 - pay your power bill
    3 - stelth grow is the best to keep your place looking '' clean ''
    4 - keep venting to a min and yet enough to keep the grow area cool
    5 - keel the smell as low as possible

    hectik Well-Known Member

    do like me, when the landlord lady comes show her your plants...worst case she'll kick you out. but like me.. she'll say "OMGGG THATS WAYY COOL.. CAN MY HUSBAND GET DOWN FROM THE CAR AND SMELL THEM" =)

    BCSKing Well-Known Member

    yea in rare cases asking or or telling your land loard that your growing or wanting to grow could make it so that they don't freak out on what your doing also if you tell them that your doing a set limit grow or you want to talk about the set limit grow then do that

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