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any suggestion on how to tie plant while flower??? would help

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by noobgrow123, Jan 30, 2013.


    noobgrow123 Member

    any other ides or ways i can make sure they dont sags when they flower?hey hows its going need some ideas i started to use bamboo sticks to tie off branches but got 4 plants into room n i dont think they will fit i did a different starin and it a real sterechy plant:dunce:

    bstaxx Member

    you could use the three ring trellis'. or you could break the bamboo sticks so they fit if you already have them. scrog net would help too.

    noobgrow123 Member

    im more concerned with the canopy there is no light getting to the bottoms could i just use one stick n bring everything to the main stalk would it help or hurt anything

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    trim the bottom thats not getting light. just use up energy that would be better used on top cola's.

    0regonKush Active Member

    Look into Super Croopping. I have 4 plants under 2' hoods and have 20+ heady nugs on top of my canopy. Very little underdeveloped buds this way.
    The Growery

    The Growery Active Member

    depends what you want to do. popcorn buds are excellent for making oil and butter. leaving popcorn buds will give you a larger yield overall than cutting them off. I used to lollipop-style grow but have been leaving undergrowth do it's thing now and I get 4+ oz. of useable popcorn buds vs. only about 1/4 oz. increase yield on top colas if popcorn buds are cut.

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