Any strains that smell like blackcurrant?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by ddimebag, Mar 2, 2011.


    ddimebag Active Member

    :leaf:Im looking for a strain that smells as much like blackcurrant as possible. The only thing I found so far is hashberry, which looks very good, and also affordable. However, I would like to have more choice when picking a strain for a specific smell/taste. Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone grown Hashberry? If yes, what was it like?


    ddimebag Active Member

    Just found another one that smells like blackcurrant: Yarkoum from Tiki Seedbank... anyone have any experience with this strain or company?

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    i remember reading about a strain that smelled like blackcurrants but i was stoned and the time and now cant recall its name to save my life.[​IMG] that being said, i know that many of TGA Subcool's strains have extremely fruity-tasting smokes. if u order from attitude theyre extremely reliable and u may be able to take advantage of some of the specials that everyones goin gaga for right now

    ddimebag Active Member

    I got a few TGA strains vegging now...but nothing thats supposed to smell like berries i think...still looking forard to flowering them though...

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