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Any special thing to do to get the bud?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by KoolCat, Jul 30, 2007.


    KoolCat Active Member

    I heard some people saying stuff about topping at the 6th node and stuff like that what does all this mean? Do I just find out if my plant is female then wait for the bud to grow then pick it, or is there some special thing I need to do. Also how do I pick it, I don't wanna do the wrong thing and ruin it so no more bud grows. And do males just have bad bud or they dont grow bud or what? Why dont you want male?


    wafflehouselover Well-Known Member

    you top so that you can get more of a outward grow then a vertical growth, plus you get more tops like that. Read the faq for more info on topping, lsting, ect.

    Ussually if you start a plant from seed you have to find out if its a female or male, male only produce pollen no bud, female produces the bud that you smoke. You have to let your female plant go through a flowering phase which is ussually 6-10wks depending on strain. Once you get a full flower(buds) then you can cut down the whole tree, you don't "pick it".

    You cut the whole tree down because its better to start with a new plant then to try to revive it.

    ferncakes Well-Known Member

    i find you get better results if you dont top your plants, depends on the size/shape of your room i suppose tho

    SHOOT2KILL66 The Gardener

    HI M8 the 1st thing u do is find your females and get rid of your males.

    Males do not grow buds they grow balls up the center of the steam you want to get them out of your grow room asap so that your females do not get pollenated and leave u with buds full of seeds

    both sex,s show simailer signs of sex in the begining from the steam a female will show to white pistons (white hairs)

    pruning or topping is what u mean by nipping of the top nod or theres LST my prefaired choice check in the FAQ part and just go through every thing plant sex purning/topping get to know the bascis 1st before your start pruning :peace:

    This link will show you how to tell what sex your plant is http://www.rollitup.org/view.php?pg=faq&cmd=article&id=94

    This one is for topping/pruning http://www.rollitup.org/view.php?pg=faq&cmd=category&id=34

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