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Any reviews on Crystal Burst from Humboldt County's Own?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by munch box, Aug 14, 2011.

    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member


    brainwashed Member

    I just bought some and only used it for 2 waterings and havent noticed anything! But I am a NOOB! I will let you know how it works...
    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    ok cool. Let me know if it gets the crystals going. I ordered some online and will start using it soon. Will be using it along with Ultra snow storm

    cacamal Well-Known Member

    Eel River stuff is ok at best. I use gravity in week six only...and only on some strains. that is a good price though! report back if you try it!

    dirtysnowball Well-Known Member

    hmmm more snake oil, haha just kidding. what i mean is you can buy 5 pounds of granulated P & K on ebay for $20 and it will do the same thing. on a side note kinda; K makes your "fruit" big and fat, it controls water uptake and plant respiration... heres an example i like to give: when orange trees don't get enough K their fruit is the size of a golf ball, when they have plenty of K their fruit is the size of a grape fruit AND it tastes a lot better too. K should always be the highest throughout the grow, that's what the grow bible says, that's what giant pumpkin growers do, and that's what the farmer i know do. i might add that they also grow fastest at 1/2 strength nutes(900ppm-1500ppm). and they grow slowest @1/4 strength(300ppm) and slowest @full strength(2500ppm).

    goinpop Member

    No reviews yet huh Guyz? Well I start my final phase on Monday so I will let U guyz know if I notice any dramatic diferences between the Crystal Burst and my normal Liquid Kool Bloom additive.

    I dont smoke Weed.... I just light it on fire and dont leave. Its only natural to breathe.
    Buds Bunny

    Buds Bunny Member

    You can probably do the same thing with fulvic acid. Spray the plant with it for the last few weeks. Use to be an old skool way of getting more crystals by sprayin GH Diamond Nectar on the plants for the last week week in flower.

    beeman503 Active Member

    Hi IV used all the Humboldt s products all at suggested rates and as long as you're ppms don't go over a 1000. ( 600 to 800 ppms eorks good on my ice berry,nyc diesel,cherry kush using the ultra snow storm as a foilar feed / foilar feed for 1st 4 weeks and switch to feedind 48hrs(without air stones ),to save gungk from forming .

    khakiman Active Member

    How do you feed for 48 withoutou aire stones

    nomaninsf Well-Known Member

    Any updates on this product and how plants react to it? I use used to use their Snow Storm Ultra and now have moved to their Purple Maxx. The Purple Maxx has given me insanely good results with added yield and massive amounts of crystal production. Crystal Burst sounds like an alternative version of Snow Storm. Curious to what peoples results have been while using it.
    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    i dig it..... it works

    nomaninsf Well-Known Member

    How do you find it differs from Snow Storm Ultra and Purple Maxx though. I'm sure it works. I've had good results with every product H.C.O. nutrients has ever put out. How do you find that it differs from Snow Storm and Purple Maxx?

    KUShSOurSMOKEr Well-Known Member

    Anyone else get results?

    la613 Member

    isnt it something you would use instead of liquid koolbloom or would you use it along with koolbloom idk i would be on the safe side and just use the crystal burst or kool bloom not both in the same feeding

    KUShSOurSMOKEr Well-Known Member

    damm foilar feeding diamond nectar for the last week of flowering ! :) sounds nice!! anyone tried this

    Bullethead21 Well-Known Member

    Crsytal Burst works best in combination with Snow Storm Ultra or Purple Maxx.

    This shit is OFF the chart! Super concentrated and super powerful! Notice a difference in the first 24 hours!

    With Crystal Burst and Snow Storm or Purple Max, you need no other boosters!

    Can not say enough about these products! I would have NEVER believed it if I had not tried it myself.

    I would suggest you start at half dosage which is 2.5ml per gallon as opposed to 5ml per gallon. Start at flowering to help induce flowering. Can also be used in veg cycles.

    Snow Storm Ultra also has other uses most do not know about. For example it is the BEST cloning solution on the market! This stuff is concentrated triacantol which is a good/safe PGR found in alfalfa and other sources like seaweed and will grow the shit out of some roots!! AMAZING!

    If you use it in DWC or hydro systems that use air stones, you want to either add it 3 days before a res change or use 29% H202 to prevent the outback of bacteria.

    If you have any questions please let me know as we did extensive testing on these products.

    Trelliscrazy Member

    Just got some of this stuff dude at the hydro store didnt know shit about it im very interested as to what will happen did you do any side by side comparisions by any chance?

    glassblower3000 Well-Known Member

    i bought some about three weeks ago...been growing the same strain for a few years and wanted to see if it did anything speacial...oh yeah..i'm keeping this stuff on hand for sure...thicker juicey buds.

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