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Any Reviews for the HTG Supply Grow Tent

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Barrere42, Dec 6, 2007.


    Barrere42 Active Member


    I am a Prop 215 Patient and am currently one week into my first grow. I am using CFL's for this grow, but am planning on HPS/MH for my next one.

    I am going to buy this package from HTG:
    High Tech Garden Supply

    My question is has anybody used this tent before?

    I was able to find one review that was really half-assed and wasn't much help.

    My main question's are:

    1)Is the one fan that is included with the package capable of maintaining the ideal tempature?

    2)How "light-proof" is it?

    3)How many mid sized plants could I flower in the tent? (I know it depends on a lot of factors, but a general answer is good enough)


    CALIGROWN **4*****:****2*******0***

    The Fan Is Not Enough When Flowering..but Ok For Veg..it Is Very Light Proof. And You Can Flower 4 Nice Ones In There At A Time...remember You Want Room For Them To Grow..

    MagusALL Well-Known Member

    look at the dimensions and that should tell you everything. i have heard that they are light proof so long as all the ducts and fans you attach are sealed with duct tape. the amount of plants depends on how big you are growing them and what method you are using. 8 smaller ones or four bigger ones. but not too huge.

    shenagen Well-Known Member

    You could make your own for a lot less money and have enough money leftover for aother stuff.

    Barrere42 Active Member

    Thx for the advice

    MagusALL Well-Known Member

    thats true. those are like 200 bucks or more and you can buy some B/W panda film like me and just build one for less than $80. and you can build it to suit your space needs and/or limitations. check out jorge cervantes' dvd, he builds one in it. even if you buy the dvd and all the supplies it costs around $100 so you still save dough and get a sweet dvd.

    simedru24 Member

    I was in the EXACT same position yesterday.

    And after doing much research, i think that its better to just buy it. i found one on ebay for 100 bucks.

    to build a decent one to even compare, youd have to buy a crap load of pvc (trial and error), joints, and panda film. Youd have to attach the zipper yourself, and then figure out how to vent shit in and out of it.

    I probably saved a couple days worth of work and spent 20 bucks more for the complete tent.

    The only thing is that i heard that the top frame was a little bendy with lights hanging. However, people are saying that one piece of wood is sufficient to fix that.

    superhighme Well-Known Member

    I have a big one. Not the biggest they offer, but I think its the 3rd largest. Im too lazy to go look. Anyways. I just bought the tent and set up the rest myself. Its great. A lot of people told me "it's going to kill your plants." or bullshit like that. Im doing my first grow in it at the moment and I haven't had a single problem with my grow what so ever. I keep it in my garage and it does just fine. On hot days I open the garage door a little to let air flow in, but it rains here most of the year, so it'll only be hot a few more weeks before it starts cooling down.

    I highly recommend their tents and if you have any problems they are VERY helpful. I had problems because they didn't ship it out because of something else I had ordered that was out of stock and they apologized and said it should have just shipped and not been on hold, and then it didn't ship AGAIN, so I called and complained and they were very nice and upgraded me to the next largest tent size for no additional cost and 2-3day shipped it to me. So I was very satisifed with their customer service. I realize mistakes happen, and they corrected the situation after I brought it to their attention.

    Tent is great. love it.

    DankBudds Well-Known Member

    Why do people say that? heat?

    itsalways420 Active Member

    Hydro Hut's tents supposedly let off a gas from the heat that would be harmful to your plants and would kill them. I just bought a tent from HTG, the same size you want, and it is just OK.




    I would buy separately or ask them maybe to give you a discount cause that tent is half off right now for $75, so ask them first or it might be better to buy separately.

    the tent itself is ok, it's not 100% light proof, at least i dont think so, but I've never crawled in my shit and zipped me up. The zippers do not meet up perfect, like the dark room tents. Those are awesome, more expensive, but 100% much better. And I want reflective interior.

    So, remember, you get what you pay for...:hump:

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    i have worked with htg dark rooms and sunhut and sun hut is way better in my opionon thicker material new mylar walls heavy duty zippers no pin holes like both htg and dark room

    DankBudds Well-Known Member

    I saw that one for $75.
    Now about your setup...
    I see that you have just an exhaust to the attic or something. Do you have something that lets air in? Also are you using a HPS? How hot does it get in there?
    I kind of like that one that you have..

    roll8up Member

    hi mate , what kind of hood & bulb have you got in this tent? I was going to get something similar but wanted to know first if they would support a sunmate powerplant hood with a 300w cfl.


    solargreen Member


    mycomaster Well-Known Member

    I have a homebox 1meter x 1 meter x 2 meters. I love this thing, I've had it forever now. It has the original white interior if that tells you anything. I completely love this tent, but I would rather have a place where i could set-up a proper grow area. Just my opinion. Peace out.

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