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Any other PA MMJ card holders on here?

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Patients' started by BurghBudN00b, Jan 12, 2018.


    BurghBudN00b Active Member

    I was approved last week. Just wanted to see if anyone else on here got their card. Would like to start an informational thread once the dispensaries are up.


    Flyeaglesfly New Member

    I have not gotten my card yet. Not sure if i will even have a chance, but i am gonna try. Was this an easy process for you or an agonizing process? I figure it sure is worth a shot the least they could say is NO right. Gotta be better than the opiates i am now prescribed.

    BurghBudN00b Active Member

    It was extremely easy. You just have to prove you are in pain and have tried other methods that don’t really work. If you have medical records that back up your pain claims you will get it. Almost 4K people approved so far.

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