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Any one ever use a hand pump vacuum for BHO Purge??

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by aJayaDay, Oct 5, 2013.


    aJayaDay Member

    Im looking to whip a batch of BHO in the next week and need advice on hand pump vacs? Any one ever use them? I want to use one like in the picture attached. I'm going to be hooking it up to a stainless chamber. I know I could go and get a 5CFM or something like that but I'm strictly talking about hand pump. Due to cash/income. Thanks a lot guys. vac.jpg

    WarMachine Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in this a bit too, I was thinking of using one that I have but wanted to know more feedback about it.

    DoodleBritches New Member

    I made one a few weeks ago with the model you've shown but using a mason jar and it worked pretty well. took a lot of pumping to get to max pressure but once there my BHO muffined out nicely. i did it a few times to be safe. i think it was a total investment of about $35 with the pump and brass fittings, rubber washers and some GOOP. I would post some pics but im letting a friend use it at the moment. Good luck! bongsmilie

    Twitch Well-Known Member


    SaybianTv Active Member

    I started with this pump and a mason jar, other than ending up with a handshake that could make superman tear up it works'ish. They wont go down to 29.5 and if it does it's your gauge that's off but compared to no vac at all your doing yourself a favor by pumping your hand off :) I liked the suction cup bit it came with for about 2 minutes then i just went straight to that rubbery elbow bit that comes with it and a hole in the mason jar lid. If one day you own a big juicy vac oven you'll know you've earned it as one of your wrist will be twice the size of the other.

    aJayaDay Member

    Awesome. Thanks a lot guys for the input. I figured it would certainly be better than nothing.

    DO3SHA Well-Known Member

    yah like five years ago. look up provac on ebay for a starter setup will run you around $300 with a pump but well worth it

    matthend Active Member

    for those of us interested in vacuum on a budget, what about finding something like this on CL?

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Hard to hold -29.5" Hg for 30/45 minutes with a hand pump, unless you have wrists like most peoples necks and then there is the issue of repetitive motion diseases, like carpel tunnel............ I recommend springing for a single stage electric pump.

    DO3SHA Well-Known Member

    looks pretty rough, but im sur an oil change and a little tlc would clean it up and be suitable till you get a better one. make sure the cfm is above 5 anything lower isnt good

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