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Any Luck with Doktor Doom

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Roadhousepsych, Apr 27, 2008.


    Roadhousepsych Active Member

    Ok, so I have tried everything else and now I'm desperate. I have heard people rave about the Doktor andf although I am dead against pesticides, I have to get rid of the spider mites before they get rid of my business! I have tried all the biologics and have had no luck, has anyone tried this bomb before with green plants in the grow and flower stage?:?

    dmoney1506 Active Member

    I tried the Doktor doom and it definetly slows them down. i had a big mite problem and the safer sprays did not seem to work so I used the Dr doom fogger and slowed them down Big time. i rarely see any mites now. btw i used the fogger deep into the flowering stage and didn't seem to affect the lady's at all.
    hope this helps

    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    doctor doom seems to work pretty good but my ladys get kinda irritated after continuous usage of it

    passerbye Well-Known Member

    agreed. Just stop using it for 3 days before harvest. you may also wish to dip your plants in lukewarn water to wash away any residual and/or bugs, dirt, dust, etc. do this just before hanging for their first dry

    It kills the adults and anything that has hatched. The active ingredient breaks down within a few hours. It is odorless for the most part. Problem is eggs remain unaffected. They hatch in 1-3 days so a bomb each night for 5 days seems to knock them back to nothing. But as with life, some tough guys survive to continue the battle. So be prepared to deal with it.

    The easiest thing to do is get floromite. It reamins checimally active for 3 weeks. So cant be used at end of harvest. But with planning, use when small and spray ever 3 weeks. The last spray should be 4-5 weeks into flower. Target only the leaves as best you can. Drench the leaves with water with no hot lights until they dry out.

    Some people argue you should never spray after flower. Fact is this stuff is checimally inert (breaks down and has no chemical propeties) after 3 weeks. It is approved for used on commerical crops already harvested. So it should be pretty safe.

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