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Any interest in a decriminalization day festival on 4-1-13 ?

Discussion in 'Rhode Island Patients' started by TheGreenery, Dec 4, 2012.


    TheGreenery Member

    Hey RI,

    Would any of you out there would have any interest in attending or assist organizing a decriminalization day event ? Feedback please I don't mind trying to organize one.

    bioWheel Well-Known Member

    I can't attend or assist but want to give you a big slap on the back for doing this - or trying to do this. kiss-ass
    Manny Ramirez

    Manny Ramirez Well-Known Member

    Don't you mean on 4-20-2013:leaf: on a Saturday
    The Rhody Rambler

    The Rhody Rambler Member

    I think a fundraiser to get the correct info out to the mass population like what took place in the states that have now legallized it would be more protuctive then a bunch of pot heads standing around bitchin but I comend you on your enthusiasum its more than I'm willing to do
    The Rhody Rambler

    The Rhody Rambler Member

    Sorry I just reread my post and came off like a dick but what I meant was perhaps Like a pay per plate upscale event to combine ideas and marketing stratgies to get the word out with a bit of planing you could get suport from the endless grow shops,smoke shops, and some of the big named public officals who want this thing to happen and with the right setting you could atract the right kind of media and money to really acomplish somthing and all it takes is a few to start making the calls once the word is out and a venue is selected the money will pour in but this is no light task and it is imported this dosent turn into a pot head protest your idea and the bowl I just smoked has gotten me all worked up and ill end this post with nothing more then WOW....

    TheGreenery Member

    well i just thought the first cause its when the law goes active, it was a feeler bet lol any date works for me long as we get people interested lol
    But that is a much better date

    TheGreenery Member

    That is a great idea is kinda what i was thinking but i was just trying to get a feeler and you are right peding on the scale to make this nice it will take some work and would need a lot of help but I dot have some free time right now and dont mind taking point, I do have experience with large public functions but I did just move here so not quite to sure on how hard it would be to get a permit for such a function. No worries about the getting worked up bro thats what wee need :) !

    KelliKat Member

    Isn't that the same day as the FIRST ANNUAL RI Medical Cannabis Cup?


    I have too much free time as, well Green, so count me in.,


    TheGreenery Member

    There seems to be more interest in the cup than decriminalization lol

    Dookz Active Member

    applaud you all keep it up for the fight

    BrewsNBuds Active Member

    I think something we could try to do is reach out to the people who organized for the MMJ law in Massachusetts which passed on 11/6/12.

    I just bought a T5 light from a guy from Worcester and met him at a shopping center in RI on the border of Mass and he was very nervous making the deal. I explained to him that MMJ is legal here in RI and his state had just approved a ballot measure and he had absolutely no idea about any of it.

    Mass decriminalized before RI and RI passed MMJ before MA, so I think it would be great for us to try to work together to make sure everyone is in compliance with state laws. I don't understand why these state laws have to be written distinctly enough not to recognize out of state cardholders. For example, as long as a RI resident doesn't possess an amount in excess of the Mass legal limit while visiting Mass, (i.e. while in Mass follow Mass laws), why won't Mass recognize the RI resident as a MMJ patient? AZ, DE, ME, MI, MT and RI all accept each others cardholders, and I think it would benefit New England as a whole if cardholders are allowed to freely move about the area for legitimate personal business. So working to get MA, CT, VT, (and eventually NH hopefully) all on the same page as RI and ME are with reciprocity would be a step in the right direction.

    Just an idea.

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