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Any growers that have rick simpson oil?

Discussion in 'Oregon Patients' started by laure8929, Apr 5, 2013.


    laure8929 Member

    Hello, my father has stage IV sarcoma which is inoperable and he is refusing any kind of chemo. He would like to try the rick simpson oil. We live in Maryland (which btw has one of the highest cancer rates in the United States--I really hate it here).... and since Oregon is the only state that allows out of state patients to see a dr and get a card, he is contemplating traveling to Oregon and doing just that. My question is, if he does do that, are there any growers that anyone knows of that supply this oil? Also, does anyone know what the process is if he comes out and sees a physician? Would he be able to purchase it right away? He doesn't have an address in Oregon --would he have to wait for the card and if so, how would he get it if he didn't have an address there? How would he find a grower? This is so confusing to me, I can't imagine why marijuana isn't legal for everyone, especially the sick, and then what people have to go through to try and get it is heartbreaking. If anyone can help me out .......I would be eternally grateful.

    Shivaskunk Well-Known Member

    Once he gets the card..which is same day as seeing a cannabis doctor he can go in to dispensaries. The problem is that not all dispensaries carry simpson oil...and those that do charge a hell of a lot for it. My local club in washington charges 50 bucks a gram and i guess you are supposed to ingest a large amount for cancer. Finding a grower might be a craigslist type thing too...i really hope that you can find one with a heart ...or can take 3 months to grow a crop for your dah to make oil from.

    laure8929 Member

    From what I read on Rick Simpson's website, he would need 60 grams for a 90 day treatment and he should take three doses per day about a 1/4 drop each time. Do you know if he would be allowed to purchase 60 grams at one time in Oregon? That would be $3000 but he could do that, we just need to find it. Thank you for the craigslist idea, I didn't think of that.

    laure8929 Member

    Do you know if purchasing the seeds online is a good thing to do. I found some website in Canada that shipped them. Do you know how long it actually takes to grow it so you can make the oil?

    hillbillyherbs Well-Known Member

    First getting seeds through the mail is illegal or any other cannabis product. Aside from that getting seeds online can be done easily, most places use stealth shipping and get them to your door with 2 to 4 weeks, again just my observation. I have used the attitude seed bank a couple of times and have been very happy and I had thought most canadian seed banks quit shipping to the U.S. . Even if you don't use the attitude to get your seeds they do have great information on the strains and rough flowering times.
    Also growing from seed depends on how long you keep the plants in the vegetative state before flowering. If you crack the seeds and veg. them for 3 weeks and then flower then you would have 3 to 4 months to harvest depending on the strain you pick.

    hillbillyherbs Well-Known Member

    First he would need to come out here with a copy of his records and or chart notes and see one of the clinics that handle the ommp certifications. Then get that mailed into the Oregon state offices by certified mail (making copies of everything as proof). At that point your covered in Oregon. You don't have to have an Oregon address to have an Oregon card. You just have to have a garden/grower address in Oregon.
    Here is some clinics I know about that would be able to help you. Contact one of them or all, that would get all your questions answered by the people who actually fill the paperwork out.
    There is:
    Alternative medical choices, http://altmedchoices.com
    Mothers Against Misuse & Abuse, mamas.org
    Voter Power, voterpower.org
    The Hemp and Cannabis foundation, thc-foundation.org

    Hope that helps a little. There is also many places to go to find people to interview to be your grower.

    Beacon Active Member

    selling concentrates are illegal in Oregon, I think you need to check the statutes, concentrates and oil are considered to be just like LSD and Crack laws, a lil bit will get you into big trouble. Check the Law, and its called donations, not selling, its idiots like this gash above that gets everyone caught, I hope she gets her due Karma, you can tell she's a Ptown gash. lmfao

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Troll alert

    Beacon Active Member

    I believe the rule of thumb is water based aka bubble hash and solvent based, aka BHO. And its just like that pesky ole gray area, lol, get caught with a bunch of butane cans around and see what happens. Peeps don't want others to know this, then they can't corner the market on the product they are selling, ooops, donationg to. lol

    CaretakerDad Well-Known Member

    Laure8929 - I sent you a PM if you are still looking for help. Go to the upper right side of the page and click on your profile to access the message. Good Luck, Larry

    MMews New Member

    I am interested in the Rick Simpson Oil. Not interested in smoking it, but only the oil. We are having a time trying to find a supply.

    Meanwhile, I'm feeling worse and worse. Have neuropathy like symptom now and muscles aren't able to relax.

    hillbillyherbs Well-Known Member

    Re-posting on the forum is not getting in touch with me. If you are just trolling your not very good at it.

    thomas12 New Member

    Not allowed

    Gemstone Member

    How to Obtain RSO

    Anyone needing the oil who is willing to travel can purchase it in California as follows:

    1). Purchase a UPS mailbox in CA
    2). Get a CA I.D. (need UPS address, I.D. from any state and birth certificate)
    3). Get a CA doctor’s recommendation
    4). Buy the oil (dispensaries in CA sell RSO for @ $50/3.5 grams or @ $800/2 oz’s).

    It is legal under CA law to obtain the oil through the method described above; and using a UPS mailbox for a CA address is acceptable (people who live/travel in RV’s frequently use them as their home addresses). In order to obtain a CA I.D., the applicant must intend to live in CA, but could always decide to move again after the treatment or after purchasing the oil. The benefit of getting a CA I.D. over a CA driver's license is avoiding the loss of a current driver's license from another state.

    MMews New Member

    Why are you so rude? As a new person here, I wasn't sure how to do a message here and get into touch with you. I am a real person with real issues, just like some of the others here.

    1. Simply asking was not trolling

    2. With that said, never mind, we found a supplier.

    Thanks for understanding.

    hillbillyherbs Well-Known Member

    Made the offer back in October and your just now calling me an ass, good one.
    Beacon likes this.

    green.green New Member

    For anyone with serious medical need for RSO I would highly recommend making your own. 2/3rds of a pound of flowers should make 60 grams of RSO. It is a simple extraction process that is easy to look up. When you buy RSO from most clubs or growers they are using their trimmings to make the product. The quality of this type of product will vary greatly. The consistency should be very thick. It should test at extremely high levels of THC (over 85%).

    petert Well-Known Member

    It's easy to make (but a bit laborious) You don't need just flowers...You can use the whole plant..,leaves, trimmings,stems and all. Look it up on YouTube...the guy I watched make it used everthing and finished it off in a crockpot. As a grower..the prices they get in the dispensary are way high...But then, it is a free market system.

    zippo542 New Member

    Laura, did you ever get the information you were looking for. I also live in Maryland and was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and would also like to try the rick simpson oil but don't quite know how to get hold of it.

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