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Any Grow Cabinet reviews

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Weed Demon, Oct 5, 2009.

    Weed Demon

    Weed Demon Well-Known Member

    I have recently moved and am looking to begin growing again.

    I have several succesful grows under my belt. All have been indoor in a room I built to do it.

    With the move I am not looking to build another room or more like my wife doesn't want me building another room. So we have agreed to get a grow cabinet.

    I have been looking and reading about grow cabinets but would love some of your expert reviews.

    I am leaning towards the SuperCloset as thiers looks to be the best however before I spend the money your input would be most helpful.

    So I am humbly asking for any advice or input as far as your experience with grow cabinets go to help me find the one I am looking for.

    My needs are to produce 4 to 6 oz every 8-9 weeks in a fully self contained unit.

    Weed Demon

    Weed Demon Well-Known Member

    Just a bump up. I have read a couple other threads and everyone says DIY for way cheap. I have the money to buy a plug and play I just don't have the time to do cabinet build. So if any of you have used a pre fab grow cabinet and have input that would help me alot.

    Thanks again

    McFunk Active Member


    I'll be scopin' it out...
    ...we'll learn this cab grow stuff together!

    Below are links to what I've done so far....

    SeVeReD Active Member


    I'm looking to purchase either "The Producer" or the SuperCabinet also. They both look really nice. I'm wanting to produce around 2lbs though. Anyone have any experience with the SuperCabinet?

    partyreefer Active Member

    http://buyagrowbox.com/storage.html <------------ im looking to get about the same ammt of bud, but im looking to add a UFO led 90w triband thingamajig or a 100someodd watt HPS to the 4 cfl's that would all be 65 watt. In ideal conditions 1w/g dried, thats like... twelve zips... keep in mind thats IDEAL. i'd say atleast 6 zips a cycle. and if you match with a pc growcab to make a mother plant you can cut down your cycle by weeks. since money isn't an issue thats what i'd do. and i'd get the LED over the HPS just cause its a grow cab and itll keep it cooler

    ~MacLee~ Member

    Check it go to a flemarket, goodwill, any type of place that sells used furniture and grab a used bunk bed my brother took one and turned it into a nice NICE grow box wish i woulda thought about it.
    The only thing he did was grab some ply to inclose it in and bam he got a kickass box id show you guys some pics but hes doesnt want his shit online. So thats out the ? but it does work though peace.
    Oyea if anyone does try it post it so i can see what you did thx


    SeVeReD Active Member

    I ended up buying the Producer. :D

    sativablind Active Member

    HAHA sunlightsheds.com and supercloset.com are ripping people off like mad. I have two friends that bought from both companies and their grow boxes got way too hot, were missing parts and looked like a drunk boy scout threw them together. They eventually sent them back and filed a credit card chargeback. You can buy a metal grow box (the same ones they use) from uline.com for around $250. Then all you need to do is go to home depot and buy a cirular drill bit to make holes for the ventilation which costs about $20. The fans will run about $14 each, a 400w HPS cooltube will run about $200, and a 240w blackstar LED grow light will cost $240. Mylar insulation can be bought at lowes for $40 for a whole roll.

    You're looking at around $600-$700 to build the same setup. OR you can spend $2500 on one of their products. It would only take about 3-5 hours to build. Sunlightsheds.com is a complete rip off, dont get fooled by those greedy idiots taking advantage of newb growers. You definitely are NOT going to get anything over 1/4 pound out of any of their products. If you think you are going to get 2lbs, be prepared to be disappointed.

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