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any free or cheap ideas on improvement

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by haulinbass, Jan 26, 2013.


    haulinbass Well-Known Member

    Well heres my ghetto flower room(sorry about the hid on pics) its a 1000 watter in a bat wing reflector, digi ballast, hps bulb, area is about 4x6.5(dont use it all for grow space) reflective lined walls, 3 gallon pots(#3s), nine plants vegged to about 14 inches(small topping early in veg so they bush out a bit, running coco with about 30% perlite.Innovating plant products 3 part nutes, R/O water, room usually sits around 23 degrees and is cooled by venting off in winter and by a/c in summer. I usually ph my water nute solution to 5.7-5.9 and feed, water, feed schedual with usually using twice the water for waters as feeds. the PPM of the water alone is usually around 8-11PPM so I add general organics ca-ma till i hit a PPM of about 100 every second watering as well(never have added it to the 3 part though).
    The plants being run are dinafem industrial because I started new sour diesel x og kush plants wich ill show for shits and giggles(2 pheonos 1 tall 1 short) i know they are showing some issue that the mother a few of them came off showed with mutation or a deficincy.I vegged them with general organics biothrive with all the stinky stuff that goes with it to hopefully build good roots(worth a try lol) and thats when it started showing but has cleaned up a bit since switching to the 3 part. anyway heres some pics.
    Any help advice or tips and ideas are welcome. even if you wanna shit talk my grow as long as its constructive i wont mind.

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    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    looks good from here m8 seems like you will have a nice harvest coming up.

    seanepooh Member

    i second that :weed: looking grrrrreat

    haulinbass Well-Known Member

    thanks guys forgot to say this is day 7 or 8 of flower but pics were taken yesturday

    Evo8Emperor Well-Known Member

    Yah there looking good to me man. Only thing I want to put in is that I feed my plants in a coco-perlite mix like yourself everyday. Its hydroponics not soil. I water till i get a good amount of run off so its there for it to pull back up. My aurora in flower is at about 600-650ppm of dyna-bloom(100ppm), gh open sesame(400ppm) and some gh cali-magic (100ppm). I have no burning or lock out issues and buds are filling out great at 3 weeks already.

    haulinbass Well-Known Member

    Theres something i was unsure about Ive actually recently switched to coco, ive noticed the plants with the largest root systems will start to lower leaves when the pots still feel fairly heavy, thanks ill give watering a little lighter and more often a try worth that can happen is i overwater for a couple days. Seems im running higher ppms than you. are you feeding every watering? or running a water, feed, water schedual. It seems im hard to lose the soil ways lol.
    Also My plants cant drink anything back up all runnoff is directed into buckets that i empty, but i like a pretty large amount of runoff just because I always had issues in soil before getting my r/o system with salt buildups.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Your light is awfully far away. I realize that dead end space is hard to ventilate or cool. But every inch away from the light source means greatly reduced lumens available for plant growth. vegging is one thing but once flowering they will need every bit of light you can get to them to have any real yield.

    Evo8Emperor Well-Known Member

    I feed everyday. Never do any plain water watering. Coco is hydro like I said and I want it to have every nute available when it wants it. The coco is going to retain some water and nutes but not all that much especially during the first month of flowering. With the coco-perlite mix you will have less water being retained and more run-off that is still good but being wasted and thrown away.

    I keep dishes under the plants so that it wicks back up when its needed. So its nothing big on your part besides finding some dishes to throw under there, or raising the drain on your DIY flood tray there so it holds the run off instead.

    As for your plants drooping, I am going to lean towards needing more watering. I water my girl everyday and let it run off so it has water to wick up during the lights on. By the time i wake up in the morning its bone dry.


    here's a pic for reference.
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    Evo8Emperor Well-Known Member

    With the coco you shouldn't deal with salt build ups. That is the beauty of coco and why so many like it. You can feed everyday and not worry.

    haulinbass Well-Known Member

    good to know thanks. might have to switch to carbon filtered tap water for a while ended up blowing out my knee no way i can carry water upstairs from my r/o system

    Evo8Emperor Well-Known Member

    I don't know what your situation is like but if there is a simple way to just run the 1/4 or 3/8 pvc tubing to your room its easy to drill a few holes through floor boards, base boards, and such to hide it.

    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    It looks good!
    I'd add white poster board to the wall's and floor to bounce the light.

    ASMALLVOICE Well-Known Member

    Very Nice Setup M8

    Look forward to some bud porn soon:weed:

    Peace and Great Grows


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