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Any Cooking Experts Around?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by JBonez420, Mar 7, 2018.


    JBonez420 Member

    So, I've been reading up and researching about decarboxylating bud for use for cannabutter. Now my understanding is that if I dry the trim and the popcorn buds for long enough I won't have to oven it or food dehydrator it, correct? I assume so, but I just want to be 100% sure. Also around how long would it take on average to fully decarboxylate trim and popcorn buds if they are nicely spread out? The room I will be doing that in will be about 50-55% humidity.

    Thank you for any advice you cookin experts could help a noob out with. :)

    sparkygeek Well-Known Member

    I believe you must heat to de-carb... I've followed this chart for about 6 years... When I was in my teens the only heat I applied was in making the cannabutter... It was OK but the strength was not maximized. Just remember that too much heat alters the THC into a more mind-bending, stress-inducing chemical... Best of Luck.
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    sparkygeek Well-Known Member


    JBonez420 Member

    Hey thanks for the quick reply sparky, really appreciate it! Knew it would be better to ask before I fucked it up.. lol. Cheers mate. :)

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member


    sparkygeek Well-Known Member

    You are very welcome! I'm glad to help! Lots of great people here to help... As you can see from @BigHornBuds helpful forum link and you will likely find within the forum! Best of luck!

    meangreengrowinmachine Well-Known Member

    seal the butter and buds in a jar and boil, this eliminates the burned bud taste while still getting up to temp and de carbing... learned this one on Bong appetite. they know their cannabis cooking!

    JBonez420 Member

    Wow thanks so much for the quick replies guys! Feel like a dink for not answering until now. I've been keeping a close watch on the girls I have going while doing some research. (14day preflower and today is day 40 flower) This will be my second real time getting through to the end of flowering with two AK-48s, two Chrystals, and two Northern Lights. My first time I fluked through with 4 Aurora Indicas without much of a clue what I was doing(Besides like two years of straight trial and error forum research before I started, lol. Truly an amazing plant though, I'm sure it was more the strain... :) )

    JBonez420 Member

    Meangreengrowinmachine(awesome name!! :D) Would I just be able to do the same thing to the popcorn buds and trim and decarb in that sealed jar, wait for it to cool to prevent any good stuff from escaping the jar, then open, crush and then use this recipe?

    It seems like a solid recipe, but I like the idea of the glass jar and boiling, I really feel hesitant to put my buds n trim in the oven to decarb for my first time.. haha.

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    When you put your lighter to your bowl (or dab against a heated nail) the heat is what activates the THC. That's why simply eating a nug won't provide the same affects as smoking the same nug would have. When you decarb your product you're providing the heat that you normally would be from your lighter.

    I don't know your particular situation, but as for me I absolutely hate making cannabutter.. at least with actual trim/buds I do. I find that it's not only much easier to work with a concentrate instead, but it makes the dosing simpler as well. I've made cannabutter twice and it's such a tedious process that I stopped after that. One day I messed up a batch of BHO by exposing it to a little too much heat and it ruined the color/appearance of it and it simply did not pass my "QC" overall. Rather than waste it, I decided to experiment with using wax instead of flowers to make "cannabutter" and it is SO much easier. Whatever your favored extraction method, any will work, although I find for edibles that QWISO/95% Everclear is the quickest and most affordable method overall.

    My wax was on the weaker side because I make edibles out of the wax I get from washing my BHO. I make BHO, save the material I ran the butane through and wash it again with Everclear and the resulting wax is what I make my edibles with. This isn't nearly as potent as my BHO is because it has much more chlorophyll in it, so I find that 1.25g of that wax is the perfect amount for however much oil a batch of brownies calls for. If you're using good quality wax without any chlorophyll in it, I would imagine the dose would be somewhere around .6-.75 grams.

    If my recipe calls for 3/4c butter/oil, I just get it hot enough to melt the wax into it, taking things off the heat occasionally to avoid getting it too hot as you'll actually burn off THC past a certain temperature. As for the amount of wax, this will vary depending on the recipe you are using. I find that 1.25g wax works just fine for any sort of boxed brownie mix. Cut into 16 pieces if you want it to be more mellow, 12 if you want the kick in the ass. I prefer edibles in the form of multiple small doses as opposed to one or two large ones as it's much easier to dose this way. Too many edibles can be a pretty bad time.

    There are two reasons people hate edibles; they either don't work at all or they work too well.
    Joint Monster

    Joint Monster Well-Known Member

    You would really have to know why you would do each? If making canna-oil/canna-butter for edibles then you decarb. (I've heard some people decarb for BHO was well... I don't know, but you don't need to dehydrate bud for edibles.)

    You DO however want to use dry bud. There is a certain process/change that occurs through the drying process with the THC. Plus I'd imagine the butter would taste more chlorophyll-y if it was wet/fresh product.

    How do you plan to cook your canna butter? If you're using an oven, then it just makes sense to decarb. If you are using a crock pot or something and can not decarb, that's a different story.

    @kratos015 I find edibles made with just BHO do not quite give me the same effects, as that made with bud/shake/trim/popcorn. I have not tried them in edibles that you can put regular canna-butter/oil in, only like gummies or drinks.

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