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anti anxiety paranoia strains?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by batters21, Aug 25, 2010.


    batters21 Member

    ok first of i can get a little anxiety but never paranoia when im not stoned. but being a shyish person and not the best talking to new people in some situations. i smoke weed and can get paranoid, obviously i do not like this at all.

    mayb theres some underlying condition but im very hesitant to smoke with others especially if i dont know them/know them well, the only solution to this in the past has been to drink while i smoke, n i like smoking coz without weed i drink too much.

    so the question is what strain could i go for that might relieve the paranoia? trust me the more stoned the better for me, just paranoia can come into it when i smoke and i tend to think heaps but talk little, adding to the paranoia, plus knowing this will happen only adds to this.

    hoping for a little advice and experience with this.


    chad851 Well-Known Member

    i heard strawberry cough doesnt have paranoia

    growone Well-Known Member

    i have a bit of that myself, anxiety/depression issues, just getting started in my strain search
    i have made one interesting find, nirvana's PPP, which is not usually mentioned as a medical strain
    very different high from other strains i've had, very non anxious, not a hint
    i'd describe as a 'velvet fog', not a high euphoria strain, maybe that's the trade for low anxiety

    hemphero Member

    Anxiety is a tough thing to understand.... But try smoking mostly INDICA's. They tend to give the user a body high, and leave the mental alone... Higher thc contect is found to affect the mental, while cbd contect is the medicinal body effect. Usually indica strains have a higher cbd ratio.... BUT THE MOST important thing i can tell you is to smoke and really observe yourself. Meaning see when and where you like to smoke the best... Dont always smoke with people, if you feel great by your self then maybe cannabis is ment to be used when your solo... The most important thing is use the plant as a mirror to look into your self. just observe your thoughts

    HowzerMD Well-Known Member

    Heavy Indica. For anxiety Bubba Kush or God Bud have done wonders for me when I need it. I've actually got some GB going right now.

    crystalman Active Member

    if you find a good strain for the anxiety please pm me i have a issue sometimes with anxiety

    9867mike777 Well-Known Member

    You might try making brownies. Eating it is very relaxing.

    whietiger88101 New Member

    WhiteWidow i have to use it for major issues steming from tramatic stuff that has happened to me. Im a medical marijuana Patient !

    batters21 Member

    thanks heaps for the replys guys!

    as i said i only have this problem when i smoke and only when im with others, trust me if im on my own i like nothing better than a great mental stone, i am relaxed and the thoughts running through my head, it really opens up my mind and i find myself trying to explain the universe, life, our souls n all such things.

    "The most important thing is use the plant as a mirror to look into your self. just observe your thoughts " - true that! hemphero

    ok so i think the solution for me is possiblely smoking two different strains, one for by myself were i can just relax and get as stoned as i want and discover, create, dream and wonder. while something uplifting, talkative (if there is such a thing in weed) and social for smoking with others as i do not just wish to lock myself away.

    whiettiger, i already plan on WW being one of the two strains in my first grow.

    thanks again peps.
    still after any ideas for the second situation, and i will look into whats already been mentioned, also looking forward to growing and experiencing the different strains out there as i have previously had no idea what the weed was i was smoking (ive smoked a lot) i was just what i could get and simply called 'bush' or 'hydro'.

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    Big Bang by Greenhouse is sold in Dutch Pharmacies for anxiety.



    As Chad said, Strawberry Cough is great. Get a clone or S1 from clone if you can. Dutch Passion's Strawberry Cough isn't bad, I've ran it a couple of years. I'd try Holy Smokes Strawberry Diesel or Sagamartha's Strawberry D-Lite rather than Dutch Passions.



    Kali Mist by Serious is like an Up-opiate. Bliss. Perfect for anxiety but a 12 week strain.



    Skunkberry by Peak is very relaxing, high yield, tastes like grapes. Send only money order no cash.







    twistedwords Well-Known Member

    Good old Hindu Kush will do the trick for you.

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    Good answers. I've been diagnosed with acute anxiety disorder and I'm thinking Indica as well. Some strains in the past have had me gritting my teeth and near a panic attack. My anxiety can get so bad at times I can't drive or function. If someone has a definite strain in mind from personal experience, please let me know.

    My current grow is an indica heavy Bubblicious. It is supposed to have a heavy body high with a light cerebral. I'll let ya'll know.

    stelthy Well-Known Member

    This is pretty good advice and covers more or less what I would have added, A higher CBD content will leave you with a nice lift and a nice bouncey stone. And a higher THC content will mong you out with questions like Chicken or egg, whats life about, whos looking at me, whos judging me, and more psycho related behaviour and it doesn't stop there... Some people can handle a higher dosage of one or the other, But.. everyone is different, and genetically were all different, but its safer if your a weak minded person to go with a higher CBD content :) hope this helps - STELTHY

    igothydrotoneverywhere Well-Known Member

    i firmly belive that anxiety from smoking weed comes from one of 3 factors.
    1. the plant is left the vine too long and gets overripened.
    2. someone has some fertilizer or bugkiller on the bud that you smoked.
    3. you are scared of repercusions for smoking, not being able to do your capitalist job.

    blame greed for all 3.

    this is just my opinion. i used to get random unexplained paranoia/anxiety/shivers like i was cold when i smoked. i started growing my own it all faded away for some reason....

    9867mike777 Well-Known Member

    I agree with number one. My friend grew some Master Kush, which is predominantly Indica. He let it mature too long. Total, incapacitating couch lock, which in my case, made me very paranoid, as my ability to even speak was gone for like fifteen minutes. That is not my idea of a good high. I much prefer a good hybrid that is social and upbeat, like most white widow I have smoked.

    I also agree that many times paranoia and anxiety when smoking pot can be related to behavior in your regular life that is questionable in nature. Getting high kind of opens a door into your own behavior that you didn't know was possibly immoral or selfish in nature. This can really be bothersome and create a ton of anxiety. This is especially the case with any of the more heavy duty psychedelics, like LSD.

    batters21 Member

    "And a higher THC content will mong you out with questions like Chicken or egg, whats life about, whos looking at me, whos judging me"
    thats pretty much what i was talking about, for some reason because of my genetics or possiblely something that happend to me in my childhood that i cant remember i hardly talked a word through school and was very shy. i look back on it now and i a completely different person with only hints of it now.

    so like stethly said its basicly whos looking at me whos judging me, why can i not talk. this can be a very bad feeling. its a pitty that the higher THC seems to be responsible for both the wonderful thoughts and ideas in my head when i'm alone as well as the paranoia/anxiety when im with others.

    2. someone has some fertilizer or bugkiller on the bud that you smoked
    yes i have been suspect of this before, even had a bag that a few of us thought looked like it had been spray painted to cover up very old buds. on the note of suspicious weed a mate of mine brought some weed when he was younger with one of his mates took it back to the dealer because it had white powder over it, saying you know "whats this, where not smoking this" the dealers were obviously high on something else and just pulled out a gun and shot his mate. its a harsh world. that reminds me ive have to find some way of getting into contact with him again hes a good lad.

    Unclepauly Active Member

    This might be out there but you should try the paleo diet aka caveman diet.. I use to have some anxiety/paranoia problems but after a month of this diet my mood and energy have shot through the roof.. I've found that my mood is so good that I don't even think about negative aspects anymore, I just feel "even-keeled" and less prone to fall into these sort of "spiral thought patterns" but even if I do I just feel better and the spirals can be pretty amusing! Diet can play a huge role on your mood

    tardis Well-Known Member

    eating too much or too strong and its quit terrifying.

    9867mike777 Well-Known Member

    You have to experiment. If you grow your own, you can calibrate it pretty darn good, because you have enough to experiment with, and you know the entire history of the plant. I usually store it wrapped in plastic, in a plastic container in the freezer. When I want to use it, I know exactly how much to cut off to get what I want. As for the "too strong and it's quite terrifying" I find that in this case, it just puts you to sleep. Now if you do this when you are out and about in society, then you can put yourself in an uncomfortable position.

    Couchland Well-Known Member

    For myself, Indicas make me lazy and a little depressed ultimately leading to anxiety. Sativas get me out, get things done, live life, no anxiety.

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