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Anal vicodin?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by high|hgih, Aug 21, 2012.


    chrishydro Well-Known Member

    Get rid of that shit and smoke weed, going to wind up dead or worse, going to be resp for killing someone else.

    Get a grip, get some help.

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    [FONT=Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]
    A coffee filter and a funnel works just fine. I highly advise getting a pill crusher though. So fast, so clean, so little waste. Don't get the type that grates the pill. So much waste.

    Hey people on opioids have never tried to eat another guys face off. People on marijuana been known to try. There I can make your drug look bad too. Nyah nyah!
    Seriously, why do people come here just to waste time and server space?

    CrownMeKing Active Member

    this makes me wonder what else you put up your butthole. anyways i feel like itd burn

    CrownMeKing Active Member

    he had marijuana in his system, doesnt mean he smoked it right before he went apeshit and ate a face. fuck you for trying to compare opiods to marijuana in anyway. must be on that shit rn
    Trippy Mayne

    Trippy Mayne New Member

    That is so true. Just becasue they found THC in his system does not mean whatsoever that, that was the "actual" cause. They stated that they can't directly test for Bathsalts so they most likely couldn't link it to Bathsalts
    Plus the man was already crazy as it is. Apparently he had a severe mental illness or something

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    CrownMeKing I haven't touched an opioid in a long time. However I get sick of the hypocritical potheads who come here and judge people. And then in your case ask how to extract cocaine from coca leaves. I was just demonstrating that you can cherry pick facts to make just about any argument.
    Mayne they can test for all of the common "bath salts" quite easily. They use GC/MS tests in the coroner's office if they need to. It's not like they took some of his urine out of his bladder and put it in a NIDA-5 that can't test for shit.
    Also cannabis is known for exacerbating mental illness. There is no such thing as a harmless drug. It's all relative and it's up to the individual to decide what they will do. You guys coming in and saying stick with the green are idiots who just clutter up threads.

    CrownMeKing Active Member

    lol i never said opiods were bad i just got mad for you comparing them to marijuana, and as for me asking to make cocaine i still view it as a safer drug then opiods. And i would never compare it to the sweet green. I dont go around bashing people who use other drugs so if it came across that way srry but IMO opiod users are slime. *for the exeption of a few, you might be this few but most are slime*
    Unregistered User

    Unregistered User New Member

    Probably a 8 inch german sausage can be found up there too.

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    Hellas, Your mothers penis is also in there.

    Duck has some logic though. It all goes around how it effects everyone differently, some people freak out when they smoke, some people who already had an underlying mental illness, get it brought out faster.

    You pot heads are too square to even know anything about various types of administration of anything. Constant weed consumption did worse for me as far as laziness and anxiety go, than anything.

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    Not all of you lol just some, and Im not saying theres anything wrong about being a pot head

    hpbuds Member

    ahahahahaaahahahaha put it in there bro n lemme know how it works fer ya

    Omax2652 Member

    Abusing pain killers is fucking gross.
    Shoving things up your ass is fucking gross.
    Bottom line. If you're that much of a junkie go get yourself some heroin. Hopefully just a little too much...

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    Damn.. Ima have to make a penis.. 8===D

    Omax2652 Member

    What's that? Your applicator?

    luckybleu Well-Known Member

    stick it in your ass ,shove it way up there ,follow that with some popcorn nugs,a couple of eye droppers of jack daniels you'll be nice,perfect place to keep cell phone and car keys too,when you get too fucked up.

    high|hgih Well-Known Member


    Omax2652 Member

    Nah it's ok I get it now. It's so it don't hurt so bad when the man's at the back door pushing your shit in. Be a little more clear next time.

    What up?

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