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An overdrive with canna

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Van isl grower, Jan 29, 2018.

    Van isl grower

    Van isl grower New Member

    has anyone seen good results using overdrive after the end of pk13/14 feeding?

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    It's snake oil containing a few vitamins that the plant produces in abundance themselves.
    Tom Tucker 313

    Tom Tucker 313 Active Member

    End with 7.0 ph water, 30% humidity and 10 hrs of light per day

    Last 3 weeks
    Van isl grower

    Van isl grower New Member

    I have a different regiment for how I usually end the last couple weeks. I was only curious about the overdrive because of what a few people have said about it. I’ll stick with what i know for now
    Van isl grower

    Van isl grower New Member

    Can you explain the 7.0 ph? 3 weeks is a long time. Correct me if im wrong but wouldn’t it make more sense to run 5.8-6.2 ph for better uptake of the last bit of nutrients? I’m by no means a pro grower, just trying to keep learning and perfecting my grows.
    Phytium hater

    Phytium hater Active Member

    Yes, used and hooked on it, at least I have been happy with my yields after started using it....
    Its just that then I haven't been able to do the peak PK time with Buddhas three PK 9/18 ,which has been my other favorite since found it..
    ..meaning I have been using Buddhas Three as instructed with 0.25ml/liter until the 6 week, which is the point where you should pump it up for 0.5 ml/liter for one week...it's just that the AN Overdrive should start at that time and you can't use 2 PK product on the same time...but because the yields have been so nice with the Overdrive, I rather have just emptied the tanks and added the Overdrive and basic nutes to get the desired EC reading...but no complains there...yields have been a success after that...so yep go for it ,its not expensive , but do use some other PK in moderate dose few week until the last 3 weeks starts and the use Overdrive..
    Phytium hater

    Phytium hater Active Member

    Fuck don't listen to that , never fuck up your ph like that or none of the desired nutrients can't be absorbed , keep an nice EC until just one week left ,then empty tanks add water and a low amount of nutrients...I am not a believer of water only flushing ,you can go for 2-4 days water and zymes at the end but always ph your water....(buy the way I am not growing in soil, so there can be some small tweaks different in soil than coco)

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