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AMS is it ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by tymonni, May 16, 2013.


    tymonni New Member

    Hi. I have this AMS from greenhouse seeds co and they have information that it should be flowering 8 weeks. It is now 10 weeks but by looking at it i dont think it is ready yest. I need your advice on that.

    there is the pic

    jamboss Well-Known Member

    It's not ready come back in 2 weeks and show an updated pic.
    Po boy

    Po boy Well-Known Member

    post more pics in a week to check progress. looking good and smells great! GL

    tymonni New Member

    Thx guys I will do so. I am a little worried cause there is no increasen buds size for a two weeks now.

    Ou8aCracker2 Active Member

    The last few weeks is when a lot of the weight gets b packed on.IME the buds start to swell around week 4-5, then a bit more stretch,then more swelling the last few weeks.

    Get a 60x-100x scope to check maturity of the trichomes.

    Clear trichomes = immature trichomes
    Cloudy/milky trichomes = Mature trichomes
    Amber trichomes = degdading thc

    I like to harvest when thrichomes are 100% Cloudy/milky or 90% cloudy/miljy 10% amber.

    Another thing to look for (in relation to trichomes and maturity) is to look for swelling of the calyxes and for the hairs to turn from white to pale orange and finally a reddish orange color aswell as the hairs receeding back in to the calyx.

    Also,when you think it's ready....wait another week.

    Breeders flowefing times can be subjective,if growing a hybrid you'll have to pheno hunt,plants in the indica range will finish before the sativa pheno but not necessarily....it's all depedant on growers skill,and environment.

    tymonni New Member

    See that's the thing, buds swelled then stretched and now nothing for two weeks
    Maybe my girls are not happy with me. I ordered pocket microscope from ebay should be delivered just in time so I can check trichomes.
    Don't want all that precious time to go to waste.

    neonknight420 Well-Known Member

    Lesson well learned, never take anything that the breeders at GHS say too serious.

    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    Looks like they're still growing to me. They've still got at least a week to go. Probably 2.

    tymonni New Member

    IMAG0123.jpg IMAG0124.jpg
    This is how they look like at the moment. I don't see any difference.

    tymonni New Member

    This is how the trichomes looks like at the moment. Unfortunately couldn't get better picture because LED light gives this blue color.

    Mattemil Active Member

    Got a while to go....strange thing is the first picture looks farther along than the second by a few weeks lol

    tymonni New Member

    It actually do. In real looks no different. What you think about trichomes?

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    3-4 weeks left minimum
    Almost all breeder's tell you what you want to hear. Hard lesson for some!

    Sir.Ganga New Member

    Nope...I could not get my AMS past the 9th week? Conditions play a role but 3 weeks? Let her go start flushing some strains turn on when they begin to feel threatened.

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    Either it takes longer or grower error > those are the only things it can be...
    Those buds look like mine do when they are halfway done! Another month and they'll be looking ripe.

    My plants only take 65-75 days depending on strain. Anything over that is not cloned!
    Potency/Taste/Yield(in that order)are my priorities.
    Just because it finishes fast doesn't mean it will be potent+flavorful(the important attributes)

    I've grown GHS in the past (multiple GHS freebies) next to G13labs/Dinafem/WOS freebies.
    GHS were the worst of the entire room + took 14-15 wks on most of them.
    G13labs+WOS had keepers I'm still running today Pineapple Exp.+Skunk47.

    Both Skunk47 + PE need to be staked or they will flop to the floor BEFORE finish flowering.

    tymonni New Member

    So I have checked trichomes today again with microscope that I bought and notice that about 10% turned amber. when i checked 3 day ago it looked like they are clear not milky but they would not turn amber from clear so my guess is that they were all milky when I checked them last time. what would be difference between milky and clear? I cant see right trough them but i would not say that they are milky neither. so is it time to chop if they turning amber??

    Saerimmner Well-Known Member

    looking at them buds probably best to just chop em,cut your losses and star again with decent genetics tbh

    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    Really weird...I grew out one PE freebie, took a clone from the top of the first from seed, and another top of the clone, so three plants in succession. Both the mother and first clone, flowered under my LED panel, were fine and stood up by themselves though they did lean against the side of the tent and would droop when I took them out. Now the last clone is under my PLLs in the flower tent, and all of the buds are flopping around every different direction. I'm not certain but I think I will get a larger yield from this last clone which doesn't make sense to me, thought the LED panel should be outperforming the PLLs...
    BatMaN SKuNK

    BatMaN SKuNK New Member

    There's no way that's ready. Not close. Looks half done. You got a few, definitely 3 maybe 4 weeks to go.

    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    Its close to 12 weeks on 8-9 week strain? Something is stressing this plant, if it truly has been almost 12 weeks of flowering (and not just from seed!). The only time I've had a plant go this much longer than advertised was due to a light leak and partial reveg.

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