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Amnesia Lemon - Barneys Farms Smoke/Grow Report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by closed4fishing, Mar 29, 2010.


    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Hi gang!
    It's time for another medical marijuana report from closed4fishing.

    Strain: Amnesia Lemon
    Breeder: Barney's Farm
    Grower: closed4fishing
    Grow Info:
    Mother Plant:
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, FF Nutes (Grow, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom). Vegged for 2 wks under 200W T5. Flowered for 65 days under 250W HPS & 250W CFL (red spectrum). Dried for 7 days in 50% humidity then into jars for cure. Had some nitrogen issues with the mother plant but she still gave me over 3oz of smoke.
    All clones were grown in BCNL Bloombox with 400W HPS and Advanced Nutrients nutes. 7 clones yielded just under 6oz.

    Cure at time of smoke test:

    27 days

    Bag Appeal: A+
    Deep purple tones with dark green mixed in. Super red hairs, and coated in trichs.

    This pheno is different from my last Amnesia Lemon report. It is not as lemony smelling but squeezing the buds gives a nice zesty spicy lemon scent. There is also a lavender like spicy smell.

    Ok, this is where I became a fan of this pheno.... The taste is of slight lemon and lavender spicy cinnamon cider. I'm sure it will become more pronounced as the cure sets in. It is really nice though and the 16 day flush seriously makes this bud smoke smooooooooth! Super smooth.
    Super potent too :weed:

    Very potent head buzz comes on soon after first toke. Smoke just a couple hits and you'll be fully functional with a nice head high and minimal body stone. If you choose to partake more heavily, you can expect to be in a chair, on the couch or in your bed within and hour or two. Great end of day smoke but can be used earlier in the day if you don't over do it.

    Possible Medical Uses
    Insomnia (in high doses),
    back/neck pain (medium/high doses),
    Stress relief in small quantities

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Final Thoughts:
    Very nice strain to grow. I had some nitrogen issues with the mother, but the clones all grew easily. A great strain to have around and an absolute treat in the taste department. I'll be trying to find this pheno again someday. I shouldn't have flowered out that mother :!:

    Questions? Just ask and I'll do my best to answer.

    Hope you enjoyed my report. If you could spare a little +rep for a brotha, I'd certainly appreciate it.

    quietgardener Active Member

    Great report C4F. Sounds like a nice one for general purposes. Social? Trippy? Munchies?

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the read and questions quietgardener!

    So far, from the samples I've tested, I'd say it's very mind stimulating. Not all that trippy to me (i have high tolerance) really but it gets me in the mood for jamming or listening to music. It also get's me motivated to work on complicated projects which I usually tend to dread.

    I didn't get the munchies too much. Just a little and that may have been because I didn't eat lunch :shock:

    I'd say it could be very social as long as you don't over indulge. It will put you on the couch if you keep going at it.


    quietgardener Active Member

    Ok then it's on my list for future consideration

    growwwww Well-Known Member

    I smoked this alot when i was in amsterdam from Amnesia. Was my favourite strain out there. Sets you ready for the day. In my opinion id sy its sativa nad keeps u going not good for sleep. Keeps u giggling, buzzing talkative ready to go out n explore.


    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    I've noticed 2 distinct phenos from my last few runs (from fem seeds). One is very sativa like and has more of a lemon taste. The other is hardcore couch lock and tastes more like zesty cinnamon lemon cider or something. That's the one I had this time. Gotta love it :weed:

    Eternal Well-Known Member


    jeb5304 Well-Known Member

    nice report thx man . i came across your blue hash report on another site. thx man

    neilsweaky Member

    I have noticed you have awesome smoke reports!

    bigwheel Well-Known Member

    Great report. Got to have some. Thanks.


    kevin.n Member

    How long did you veg cuttings and how tall did plants get. Also, did they mature quicker from clones then seed. Finally, what strength and how often did you nute with the Advanced Nutrients.

    sativa smoker

    sativa smoker Member

    hi im doing amnesia lemon agian did u get any male flowers durruing flowering,idid ,chopped them off and all was well,might the haze be in it let me now ,sorry about the spelling im baked,

    greenops Active Member

    Wow... sounds very promising. I just germinated 3 Amnesia Lemon for my 2nd run... did you keep a journal? I'm interested in your set up. I'm also using 250w hps, and i'm looking to add some additional lights on the sides or so... just not sure how

    DR. RESINTHUMB Active Member

    Closed for fishing...damn bro ur a motherfuckin genius

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    The clones were vegged about 1-2 weeks in BC Northern Lights cabinet hydro setup. They got tall enough that they hit the glass and I had to bend them. I think around 36" when flowered at 8-10 inches in hydro setup. Can't remember though it was sooo long ago now :joint:

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    The Amnesia Lemon was one of my first 15 strains to grow and it was nice, but I have so many more favorites now. I didn't keep a journal on here. I used the BC northern lights setup for the clones and the 250hps for the mother. A couple 125W CFLs could help out with side or center vertical lighting. I did that after a while but I didn't notice any big differences until I went from 250-400W. Then I saw that and said screw it... now I have two 1000HPS with adjustable balasts so you can run the bulbs at 50%, 75% or 100%. That's the way to go in my opinion.

    Good luck.

    Dalyboy Member

    Growing from seed how long did it take to flower? Im 45 days flowering and they seem very small compared to yours! :(

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Flowering time is in the report buddy :)
    I pulled at 65 days. Good luck!

    FriendlyTokez Active Member

    Hey man great report. I thought it was well-written.
    Amnesia Lemon is an underrated strain in the Barney's Farm collection if you ask me. But I like it just as much as I like Laughing Buddha.
    When I had this strain I overdid it in the morning for sure, but yeah loads of flushing really benefited this strain by bringing out the unique taste.
    The fact that you use Foxfarm. I'm clapping. My favorite soil/fertilizer company. It is top shelf quality soil, dude I'm telling you I turn my nose up at everything else.[​IMG]

    dumdedum Active Member

    Looks pretty nice might get single seed too try it out.

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