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amber trichomes but white hairs

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by WidowShamus, May 27, 2009.


    WidowShamus Well-Known Member

    I am growing white widow and the time for harvest is near. Ive done my research and dotted my i's. There is one thing im not sure of. The top of my plant has a few amber trichomes but 90% white hairs. The bottom of the plant has 90% brown hairs but only cloudy trichomes. Is this backwards? Souldn't the brown hairs go along with the buds with amber trichs?
    The sim's Bob Newbie

    The sim's Bob Newbie Well-Known Member

    You'd think so but its not always the case...I reckon give them another week, then flush for 2 then pull!

    WidowShamus Well-Known Member

    All trichs are cloudy and a few amber. Thats pretty much where I want to be. I hate smoking the weed that after 20 min you want to just sit. I dont want a couchy stone. The THC is lowest in its CBN at this point or at least this is what I have gathered in my travels. This is my first grow so this is all new to me.

    kkkllol Active Member

    ive heard some strains hairs don't change color just stay white including white widow when finished.

    Saint0241 Active Member

    yup jus let them keep ging,sounds like u have a couple days left
    tomorrow or sunsay u should 98%then harvest

    user6079 Active Member

    i've never heard this? what's the idea? harvesting earlier for a more energizing high?

    Saint0241 Active Member

    lol its how ur spose to grow,everyone done it for ever...lmao
    dirt clean

    dirt clean Well-Known Member

    you got some fun reading to do :) harvesting when the trichs are milky, the stage after clear, and 8 weeks or so for most strains will give you a more energetic high. This is when the thc is highest. The longer the plant flowers the more thc "degrades" to cbn and gives a "couch lock" and less psychoactive high. For sleep and stuff. For indicas you want to harvest early as if you wait to long you will get weed that will just put you to sleep. For sativas you want ot wait longer. That is the general rule. Their are all kinds of preferences. The best thing to do is to buy a jewlers loop on eBay for 10 bucks and look at the colors.

    Read the trichome report sticky in one of the forums. I think it is general marijuana growing or indoor growing. "Amber alert" it is called. Lol.


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