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almost have vodka hash oil . . .

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by poplars, Jan 5, 2009.


    poplars Well-Known Member

    hey all, I almost have vodka hash oil. I used 2 cups of vodka to 1 ounce of budshake (sugar shake) I originally was going to make tincture but I changed my mind.

    it's almost 80% evaporated now, when it's mostly 90-95% evaporated I was wondering if there were any techniques with hash oil to make it purer. I heard I could recook it on a stove lightly to make any leftover water or alcohol evaporate. but I'm not entirely sure on the specifics of these methods.

    I used 100proof vodka but it seemed to be enough to extract a good amount of oil as I have a half/cup of very brown liquid (I'll probably end up with 1/8th cup by the time everything is evaporated.)

    so any tips are greatly appreciated.

    poplars Well-Known Member

    well I finished it but it came out rock hard. I cooked it on the stove until all the alcohol evaporated. I may have let it sit a few mins too long however it acts sort of like bubble hash but in a different way, it expands outward when you light it, like it's growing!. hela weird.

    anyways any thoughts on that ? haha

    ryan420 Active Member

    hey how did the vodka hash oil turn out?

    if you could pm me back that would b great help as i'm interested in making same thing.
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    sounds interesting can you send me a link on how to make hash simple and easy?
    northeastern lights

    northeastern lights Well-Known Member

    My grandfather used to work at MIT. He took home gallons of grain alchohol. 100 %pure. Made hash oil outa that before. 100 proof is only 50 % alcohol. 151 is 180 proof I'm pretty sure.

    EDIT: They used it to clean the telescope lenses.
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    if i do it it will be done wth everclear
    northeastern lights

    northeastern lights Well-Known Member

    I think butane is more what your looking for.

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