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All small buds! Buds don't seem to be growing

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Milton187, Feb 13, 2009.


    Milton187 Active Member

    See the pics. The buds are all very small. They don't seem to be growing. Week four of flowering. 1 600 watt
    HPS and 1 400 MH.

    Botanicaire nutes. Modified "StinkBud" setup.

    This is my first grow but shouldn't they be bigger?


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    edux10 Well-Known Member

    you should be fine. don`t worry too much.

    What strain is it

    do you know that it will make nice buds some strains that arnt really tested just produce stringy airy buds

    but it looks like you are doing well. I think it may have some sativa in it and just needs extra time to fill in. I don`t really know
    Resident Kush

    Resident Kush Well-Known Member

    not really, the majority of bud mass are weeks 3-6. weeks 1 -3 are root forming and stretching, week 6 and up flushing.

    edux10 Well-Known Member

    if you are only in week 4 of flower you have some time too. Indica dom strains can finish in as little as 6 weeks but the adverage strain will take 7 to 8 and sativas can take up to 11 or 14 weeks!!

    SenorSanteria Well-Known Member

    Yeah, at four weeks in, youre lookin pretty good. I wouldnt stress it, Sativas usually take longer to flower anyway.

    edux10 Well-Known Member

    I know it is hard sometimes to get good advice on here with so many opinions being thrown around.

    not really, the majority of bud mass are weeks 3-6. weeks 1 -3 are root forming and stretching, week 6 and up flushing.

    that is true for indica but as soon as you have any sort of variation or hybrid then it be thrown all outta whack.
    Resident Kush

    Resident Kush Well-Known Member

    as a guidline its true, but its a guidline which varies. the difference is sativas take a little longer, so they use nutes longer, around 7 weeks max, after that it just stores them in the stock and ruining your smoke.
    Resident Kush

    Resident Kush Well-Known Member

    it doesnt really matter either, do your thing until 2-3 weeks from harvest and flush. what the plants does, doesnt really matter for what your asking, and you will be happy with the bud in the end. All the buds there with gaps, wont have gaps in a few weeks.

    Milton187 Active Member

    Three plants are "Columbian Gold". Three are Flying Dutchman's "Pure" and Three are "Bubbleicious".

    I just don't see the massive colas most post on here.
    Maybe I am impatient!


    manlookingj Active Member

    Gez, and this thread stops! what happened? hell they way just starting, probalby needed another 4 to 6, 7 weeks flowering. anyways, hope you had some luck.

    smokebros Well-Known Member

    dont worry bro u straight. u can give it some tigerbloom

    FumarConDios Member

    those dont look too bad man. U should see em blow up pretty soon there.

    VidiotRayM Active Member

    Yeah.....you're fine at 4 weeks..... Question: Have they stopped stretching? As a general guide plants will stretch for 40% of their bloom time......so about the time you realize they aren't stretching anymore you're right around halfway.

    If you look at my album called my, er, friends grow.....I have pics of batches at different weeks of the cycle so you can see how they progress with my 8 week strain. In fact, my avatar is the pic for week 4 they are just starting to get rev'd up........If you start from the last pic and work back to the first, you can see every 2 weeks from the day they leave the clone area to harvest........those harvested buds looked just about the same as yours at week 4...so you're doing fine......just keep doing what you're doing.......and I will add...All the way to harvest.... don't change a thing!!!! If it ain't broke don't fix it!!

    ImTheFireMan Well-Known Member

    this shit is almost a year old, i'm sure these plants have long been smoked.

    cheers everyone

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