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All organic indoor grow, Medusa from Nirvana**With Pictures**

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by KWsmoke, Oct 19, 2008.


    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    Whats up guys,

    This is my first indoor grow. For seed I chose Nirvana's new female strain, Medusa. I'm using an all organic soil mix that I made to my liking.

    They are about a month old now, and about a week into their transplant. I will update pictures every week to show their progress.

    Any comments or questions are welcome.

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    bonz Well-Known Member

    so whats your plan with the mylar in the buckets.
    details man details. lol

    whats your soil, nutes, lighting,venting,room.
    fill us in with what you`ve learned so far.

    bonz Well-Known Member

    i just read some of your other posts.
    if this is the mg soil dont give it any nutes, there should be enough to carry them through most of the veg. i would only give it to them if they look deficient.

    also hope you didn`t spend a bunch of money on the led`s

    Asder Active Member

    please keep us posted as i have just germinated 3 medusa fem seeds also


    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    haha sorry man, I was kinda pressed for time when I started the thread. I planned to fill everyone in on Sunday.

    I put the mylar in the buckets because I thought I could use the 3 inches of bucket space to give 360 degree reflection.

    For soil I started in the MG organic shit but it SUCKED! So I transplanted into an all organic mix.

    I looked around the web for different recipes and I came up with this one-

    1 bag of regular soil- 40 lbs
    1 bag of top soil - 10 lbs
    1 bag of worm castings-10 lbs
    1 part of pearlite
    1 part vermiculite
    1 tbl spoon per gallon of bat guano
    1 tbl spoon per gallon of blood meal
    and 1 tbl spoon per gallon of bone meal

    For lighting I'm using two 4' fluorescent lights with 2 CFLs on reflectors supplementing. I'm not sure on the watts right now, but I'll check and get back to you guys.

    Well, the room has changed. I started the grow in my attic and things were going great until..... one day I was really baked and went up the attic ladder to check on my ladies. I climbed over the first rafters with no problem, being careful not to trip. My luck ran out, and I tripped over my extension cord. I fell hands first on to the dry-wall of my kitchen ceiling, then head first on my kitchen floor.

    Don't worry, the plants were fine!:weed:
    So from then on, I thought my closet would work fine. The closet is about 10' X 6' with 8' ceilings

    bonz Well-Known Member

    hahaha, dam your luck the plants are ok......ah hell i hope you are to.lol

    sopil sounds fine. oh ya dont mention that mg word around here. lol
    the only thing i may do different is once you mix all that together i would have added 20 to 30% perlite and about 10% vermiculite.
    what do you mean regular soil, hope not from the ground, like garden soil.
    with that mix you have there you shouldn`t need nutes for most of the veg. what are you going to use for bloom

    also what are the kelvin # on the lights.

    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info man, I was just about to use my first grow nutes tonight, but I think I'll hold off.

    For flowering I'm going to use Fox Farms "Open Sesame" in the beginning and "Beastie Bloomz" later. Should I get "Cha Ching?"

    Do you think it would help if I started using horticulture molasseses now?

    --not sure on Kelvins but I'll calculate that when I get home.

    bonz Well-Known Member

    theres nothing to calculate for kelvins. it should be on the bulbs.

    now you do know that those ff nutes are not true organics do you. they are organic based, chemical additives.
    the only one in thier line that i am aware of that is natural is the big bloom.
    if you are looking for a simple but verry good nute that is 100% organic. have a look at the pure blend pro, veg bloom liquid karma and cal-mag+. they also have sweet but it is the same as molasses and that is cheeper.

    when you have time to have a look at ny dutch treat bubba kush journal in my link. all my recipes are in there. for soil and nuting. i have never called the mollases, mine is unsulphered. it may be the same thing though, just never heard it called that.

    ya you can actualy feed it to them more than the nutes. try 1 tblspoon per gallon to start then raise to 2 per gallon over a bit of time.

    do you have a ph meter or ppm

    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    Okay just got home.

    I have two 4' fluorescent light fixtures each with two bulbs @ 5500
    so 5500X4= 22000


    two CFLs on reflectors @ 2700

    2X2700= 5400

    27400 Kelvins in all.

    Damn man, I didn't know that they weren't true organic. Thanks, I'll look into pure blend. Are there any good organic hydroponic nutrients? I just got my V-drip and looking what to use for my next grow.

    Awesome grow journal by the way! Top quality.

    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    Okay, update time.

    I am going to try a little experiment tonight just after watering.

    As this is my first grow, I'm not sure on what method of growing provides the greatest yield. (FIM , LST, or Natural Growth)

    SO... rather than take someone's advise and then having to wonder what is truly the best... I'm going to try all three.

    I'll assign a name for each plant to use from now on. (n for natural, f for FIM, l for LST)

    Natural plant = Nina
    FIM method plant = Fiona
    LST method plant = Leila

    I'll have pictures up on sunday to show how they are progressing.

    bonz Well-Known Member

    ha, you have learned something. do it for your self way to go best thing to do is just do it.

    ok as far as the kelvins you dont add them up like that. your thinking the lumens ( the brightness ). the kelvin is the colour of the light it gives.
    2700k is for flowering and 6700 or so is for vegging.
    the lower k will give a redish colour to it and the higher k will look blueish to white. its way brighter

    most likely your flouro tubes are regular houshold tubes in the middle k range of 5500. it has both colours but not enough realy of either to work well. they do work but a better way to go is
    phillips natural sunshine flouro for tubes. or soft white. the phillpis are way brighter( more lumens) same price here.
    i use 4 of them now in my cab, work fine. good for vegging.

    your cfl`s are for flowering, wont work well at all slow growth. look for same higher kevin or soft white ones.
    if i remember right they are also phillips and called marathons.
    they work better to get more of the lower wattage then less bulbs and more wattage.
    they get kinda hot so a smaller watt bulb would run cooler and it would let you put more around the plant to spread out the light.

    oh and the pure blend is the same for soil as hydro. the only one you need to get different is the bloom it will say on it for soil or not.
    organics are better for the hydro i feel to as the ec levels are lower usualy and wont plug the feeders. some magnets in the pumps caue a build up of the shit and plug up

    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    OH!!! haha now I feel dumb.

    Ok, thanks. I'll look into them.

    bonz Well-Known Member

    no worries man. i have wasted thousand trying to do things different......hey i can do that better watch me....ya right.
    like filters 1000 bucks trying different ones and building my own and ended up buying what everyone else uses. or the majority anyways.

    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    Ughhh! Horrible news...... I broke Leila's stem today while I was was examining her. Right under her first true leaves. Not a full break, but a break all the same. now, she's all slumped over...... Will she die? Can I make a splint or somthing? FUCK

    bonz Well-Known Member

    just take some tape and tape the break. if it wont support itself then use a popsicle stick or similar thing and do the splint. it should heal in a couple days. i do it all the time

    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    Okay, well I taped her wound and left her alone over night. two of her leaves fell off over night but after that she stopped drooping. I think because she lost those leaves that it might effect the yield, I guess this grow was meant to be a learning experience anyway. I'm not sure if I should keep doing the low stress training on her.... What do you guys think?


    bonz Well-Known Member

    no worries, a couple banches or leaves wont harm you much.
    let her heal a few days before bending her again but should have a problem because of the break it will heal twice as thick in that spot.
    i break mine a bit on purpose. gives a real thick stem, called pinching.
    i can send you info on it if you like

    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    Ya man that would be cool, I'll send you a PM with my e-mail.

    bonz Well-Known Member

    got it. when i get a bit of time here today i will find it and send

    KWsmoke Well-Known Member

    Okay here is the update.

    Nina is growing great! I can't believe how much she has grown in a week. I really think that she will be my top yielder.:blsmoke:

    Fiona is doing okay, I don't think I did it right though (the FIM technique) I think I just cut off the top of her new leaves. Oh well, I think I'm gonna grow all naural from now on. :wall:

    Leila is doing well for what happened I guess. I wish I wouldn't have tried to bend her ...:dunce: oh well.

    I started 6 more, but these are just bagseed. Waiting on my V-drip to get here, so that can get going.

    pictures- 1 and 2 are Leila, 3 and 4 Fiona, and 5,6,and 7 are my precious Nina. The final picture is the 6 bagseed.

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