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ALL GreenHouse Seed Co, Kalashnikova, The Doctor and Super Lemon Haze

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by 69Bandit, Feb 16, 2013.


    69Bandit Active Member

    Hey guys, i finished my first grow, harvested and dried. They are sitting in jars now and i figure its time for a smoke report even though i never finished my grow report (grow light blew at 8 weeks exactly). had to chop them. here we go, with a template.

    Date: Feb 16/2013
    Strain: The Doctor
    Judge: Myself
    Breeder: Greenhouse seedbank (Attitude Freebie)
    Grower: Myself

    Smell: Baby puke while growing, turning into more of a bitter pineapple smell while in the jar.
    Taste: like a combination of the two mentioned smells.
    Smoothness: can't rank, it isn't cured long enough.

    Impressions: Heavy yielder, could of done with a much better grower than myself. easy to grow (by that i mean showed the least fuckups on my part)


    Date: Feb 16/2013
    Strain: Super Lemon Haze
    Judge: Myself
    Breeder: Greenhouse seedbank
    Grower: Myself

    Smell: Sour Lemon, has a very citrus smell kinda like pledge cleaner.
    Taste: Sour Lemon at first, but it gets harsher later (no cure.... no flush, what do you expect..)
    Smoothness: Is going to be a pleasure to smoke once i cure it long enough.

    Impressions: Unbeliveable how early it packs on the frost, small nugs grown on long stems. I screwed up a lot on this plant, its not a heavy yielder but i feel bad that i lost all my clones of this strain.... Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    Date: Feb 16/2013
    Strain: Kalashnikova
    Judge: Myself
    Breeder: Greenhouse seedbank
    Grower: Myself

    Smell: Pine trees, i mean serious pine smell. its was my favorite smelling plant.
    Taste: Very musky/pine like, its quite nice. again harshness due to no cure/flush.
    Smoothness: not good right now.

    Impressions: Grew all mutated from seed, i still grew it out. topping multiple times. buds never wanted to fill out. virtually no resin production, but then again i am sure that the plant could of gone for another 2+ weeks.


    Orlandocb Active Member

    Very nice, +rep

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    that supper lemon haze looks frosty...
    One of the few GHS i would look for (clone not seed)

    69Bandit Active Member

    I know, i looked at the marijuana strain database and i lucked out with that phenotype. Would of loved to do a full run of just SLH, i had 13 clones. None rooted. guess having a heat mat was a bad idea, as later i found the root zone was averaging 90-95f

    69Bandit Active Member


    Mysticwolf Member

    The more I see of the SLH, the more it interests me! Nice report,and congrats on your first grow!
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    69Bandit Active Member

    Thanks guys, appreciated. I got 3 more seeds i popped, one SLH one Kalashnikova and one CH9 "Green Bud". took some clones of each mother plant. The Kalashnikova i popped is growing like a boss, however now the SLH is the mutated one. Green bud seems to be very sativa. I build 4 bubbler buckets and took 10 clones, can't wait to get this grow under way. will be my first hydro grow.
    Chronic Masterbator

    Chronic Masterbator Well-Known Member

    Sold on SLH now!!bongsmilie

    KLITE Well-Known Member

    Fuck me what did you spray on the lemon haze?? There is iceolator coming off your buds. Jesus that's just impressive coming from GHS.
    However I dont think you would have gotten that crystal production if you had flushed it, had it been flushed I would be hunting you down to get a smoke of that loveliness :p

    69Bandit Active Member

    I still have about a 1/8th or 1/4 of it left in my jar.. saving it for a while. Going to buy 10 more beans of SLH and hope to hell i find that phenotype. I know i could of grown it better. Really kicking myself in the ass for not getting clones to root before i threw them in flower. lost all 6 clones because i had no idea what i was doing.

    Currently got 2 Kalashnikova and 2 CH9 Greenbud in veg. Hoping for a better showing of Kalashnikova.

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    SLH is fairly well established for being excellent genetics. Lemon Skunk too. Can't comment on the rest.
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    Progrow29 New Member

    U know I come on here to try and get some intel on strain before I get them..but all I ever see is a bunch of negative stuff in here ..some good but more negative ..I can't respect someone's opinion on a strain because the tried to grow one plant and it came out "garbage" bro ur grow skills is garbage..I'm glad I didn't see this post before I got the super lemon from green house ..I've grown liberty haze, midnight kush, power kush, cotton candy, jack Diesle , blueberry gum and about 10 other strains and lemme tell u this..by far..as of now..slh might be the best looking strain I've seen in a while..i had 2 different phenos..one was very fluff and reeked of fruit and gave about 1.5 o's and the other was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while..31 g's
    of Rock hard nugs that had almost no leaf to calyx ratio ..smelled nothin like the other pheno..smelled musky with a hint of skunk and musk and was shimmering like a crystal..so Rock hard it looked like something was wrong because I've been aiming to get hard nugs with all the other strains and never eexpected to see the slh do this!!!..now I hate myself because I was busy cloning the other 8 strains, sleeping on the slh smh!!i prolly will never get this pheno of it again and I'm sorry guys because I would've def got these clones to everybody I possibly could I swear..I'm so disapointed I missed what could have been a perfect pheno and I'm gonna run it as many times as I can to find this pheno again ..if I can ill put pics up soon but for $40-50 from the attitude ..everyone should run at least 5 of her and clone clone clone I'm telling ya ..now I'm no expert but I have seen some gorgeous creations when it comes to good and take my word slh is the truth ..if ur a grower and u do not try slh at least one run u can never say u are a grower lmaoo..happy smoking y'all hope this intrigues someone to go get it..and ps ...the lemon skunk is rediculous as well!!!

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