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Alien Abduction #23

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by turtledurtle, Sep 3, 2012.


    turtledurtle Well-Known Member

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on this strain, picked up some cuts today, and will be running in Subs SS

    sincitygrowJB Active Member

    Yea you got og seeds by vader og on you tube check em out if you dont know much about his strains good shit tho im trying to find some beans are a cut myslef right now but know luck so far!!! Jb

    sincitygrowJB Active Member

    Ocean grown genetcs if im wrong let me know cuz i think thats the name of one of vader's strain!!! Jb

    T.O.Dizzle666 Member

    i got it flowering right now its the most frosty in the garden but i also got Devils Tear and Merlot OG Kush and C99 the Pineapple Pheno (didnt care for the smoke but i didnt find out till after it was started)
  5. Im finishing that up in like 3 weeks..its super frosty gainig wieght everyday and the smell started kicking in around week 6. Im also running 2 other clones from nuggs .. the blue cheese (clone) and his ogre og (clone)..now if only hell give up a cut of his alien og bubba :). im gonna go all the with the alien abduction. im also running 21 other elite strains so my hands are full but point being this alien abduction is looking just as bomb as my power,jupitor og,xxx,chem d,...etc etc cuts. Good work nuggs. Ill try to post a smoke report after its all cured up. Good luck with your grow TO...can we get some final bud shots or a smoke report Turtle???...and thanks again GW and nuggs.

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