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Alibab LED

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by Faded329, Sep 21, 2012.


    Faded329 Well-Known Member

    has anyone ordered led's through alibaba.com what should i consider and what should i requst as for spectrum and ratio if i were to request a custom panel


    Just*Below*Normal Member

    I'm in the same boat you are kind of in, but I've decided to deal with the Chinese manufacture directly thru email. They've been informative, but I need some additional guidance before I make a purchase.

    Faded329 Well-Known Member

    Who did you contact, and what led did you look at

    ineffablegreen Member

    Don't do it. You're going to be throwing money down the tubes. The unit will burn out and that Chinese company will want nothing to do with you. THink of it this way. Spend $100 now and $300 in a year or just spend $300 now and get a unit that works amazingly and comes with a 2+ year warranty. I've yet to hear of someone with a GOOD experience buying chinese stuff, and it takes me two hands to count all these purchases.

    Bwok Member

    I got a 180 watt apollo 4 customized led for $209. Took a week to build, week to get here, 3 year warranty shipped from Hong Kong. Looking great so far, ready to chop this bagseed and grow some good genetics under it next round. Great customer service if translation goes well. haha


    Faded329 Well-Known Member

    I am looking into E.Shine led's if I'm not mistaken they are the makers of the what is rebranded as advanced led

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