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Alaska Fish Emulsion...

Discussion in 'Organics' started by northerntights, Dec 9, 2007.


    northerntights Well-Known Member

    I am trying to switch to organics recently and I have a cutting that is ready for it's first nutrients... it's beginning to show signs of nitrogen def. I bought the Alaska Fish emulsion fertilizer (5-1-1, OMRI) but the directions are pretty varied. Anyone else use this product before that could give me some pointers? I was planing on using Liquid Karma and a drop of molasses in the mix as well (to chelate the nutrients, I was going to let it sit a day). Thanks for any help you can give me!

    catusphile Active Member

    I have used Alaska Fish Emulsion before in soil; it worked OK. I followed the directions on the back and adapted as the plant responded. I still use Alaska Fish Emulsion on my outside herbs, such as mint and thyme. Today, I prefer to use Earth Juice. I have used it in soil with much success and am currently trying it in a DWC with what appears to be a excellent grow. It is more expensive, but worth every penny.

    When using Alaska Fish Emulsion, I simple put the desired amount of fertilizer in a 1 gallon milk jug, shake, and pour. As with any organic fertilizer, you can let your mixture sit for 24 hours before applying.

    Good luck with your grow.
    Space Cowboy

    Space Cowboy New Member

    it stinks like fat ho's beaver.

    northerntights Well-Known Member

    yeh figured that one out when I spilled it on myself, now THAT was a shower I want to forget! Seriously, thanks. I just bought a bottle of earth juice, I think I will flush before I use it though, god the mother plant STINKS! Did work well as a first fertilizer though...

    000420 terpenophenolic

    i love Alaska...it is the bomb...it's stinks..but so do my buds...i have great results with it, iuse it at 1 table spoon per gallon along with 2 tsp per gallon of bio-grow, and 1 tsp per gallon of maxi-crop seaweed...I've used this mix for awhile and I swear by it.....Alaska rocks the house as do all my other stinky fertilizers like guano.......

    SeatleHomegrown Active Member

    i just got my bottle at home depot on sale for 4 dollars. i put in 1/2 tbsp when i transplanted my small month old plant,but is growin bigger with newer lights.

    i figure if you want organics, the stinkiest is the best.

    most organics = some animals poop.

    i use tagro, short for tacoma grow. tacoma, wa. we use the communities feces in ours and the plants love it

    danksterzone Active Member

    Just got a gallon of Alaska Fish Fertilizer for 18$. I also want to go all organic and go by the OMRI standards(i don't think applys to UK or Canada). I also luckily picked up a bottle of B'CUZZ Bio-NRG which contains molasses and I just found out I happens to break down the fish fertz and aid in chelating. So I started with 2 tsps. per gal. and 1ml per L of Bio-NRG just to see how the ladies react. Hopefully I get no burns or adverse reactions. I will step it up a notch now that I read your post. I also found out that fish fertz contain sulfur to aid as a preservative, which also makes it more acidic. So no need to add sulfur and always PH the brew and rinse the stinky meter. Also Alaska Fish Fertilizer does'nt contain essential micro nutrients so it has to be supplemented with other fertz.

    juicyjayz New Member

    i have it too..its supposed to be good shit..so does any1 use itZ??

    goran Active Member

    I don't use this brand,but I use Fish emulsion.. great results
    This is great choice...
    good luck

    juicyjayz New Member

    is it fine to use in a coco coir/prelite medium?? will it still perfrom DECENT..opfcourse ima use some maxicrop folair feeding too!! with superthrive,1 tblpoon of fish fert,half cap of liquid seaweed...im sure this will keep em nice and healhty right??
    dirt clean

    dirt clean Well-Known Member

    what are you using to ph? I got the alaska and the bio bizz.

    juicyjayz New Member

    im using genral hydropnoics ph kit..it has the test drops..and ph up and down....works like a charm!!

    northendgrower Active Member

    I use the exact same nutes as you never bothered checking the ph. and they look beautiful.
    dirt clean

    dirt clean Well-Known Member

    ok, but I have some other things I made with a tea and I checked the runoff and the ph was like yellow on the ph strip. The liquid was not clear but i think the ph strips dont care.

    So I broke out the stealth hydrp ph up and it says safe for organic use and it is kust a little jar of powder and i gave it a couple of pinchs.

    got it green.

    i got a graden ph kit i dont trust though. i gotta try

    ropadope Active Member

    hey how much of a one gallon mix do I use per plant?

    mr.magic Well-Known Member

    thats just nasty!!! :spew:

    ropadope Active Member

    I just started using fish emulsion and I have been told to fertilize both once a week and every two weeks. which one is correct?

    donloadman187 Active Member

    Shit is it great
    Old Coot

    Old Coot Well-Known Member

    Read the bottle, use 1/2 dosage at first. Its so simple you just do what it says on the jug or LESS. If your plants or grow space smell like whats in the F'ing bottle, you are using to much! Dont use it foliar even if you do dilute to the max. Ask me how I know? Its not the smell but the taste. ...and dont forget to flush!

    pipestone Member

    I use fish emulsion outdoor plants grown in gallon pots but dilute it to less than 1/4 of the recommended dosage. My soil is compost made from plant residues (stems, leaves, roots, straw, wood chips but no animal manure) with added clay and limestone. I also use it as a foliar feed but in a very dilute solution and only while the plants are still vegetative. When flowers show I stop foliar feeds. The rain washes off the residue so there's never a problems with taste.

    I also make a fertilizer with kelp meal. A cup in 5 gallons of water and let it soak for a day. This adds P and K plus micronutrients to the soil.

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