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Ak47 high, mid, or low grade weed.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by wonta, Aug 29, 2008.


    wonta Active Member

    Would AK47 be considered a High Mid or low grade plant. And how much an average does an ounce and a pound go for around your way.

    Cynic Well-Known Member

    AK47 is a Sativa strain, with high potency. It's Premium grade weed.

    It depends on the particular area you reside in, all prices are differentiated.

    An ounce of Premium grade weed over here is about 350-400$.

    CCCropper Active Member

    AK is a great strain and many growers have produced wonderful harvests with it. That being said, the end product is going to be a function of lights, nutrients, environmental factors, and the time and care you put into your grow.

    FYI I dont know where your from, but the market price or grade (hi,med,lo) of the bud has less to do with strain X vs. strain Y, but the condition of the weed.

    I'm in SoCal, "Lo" is mexican brick weed that is 50/oz to ~400/lb, "Mid" is the BC (AKA Beasters) that comes from large commerical grow ops farther up the west coast and costs 250/oz or 3000/lb. The dank stuff is 300-400/oz, 4000/lb+. Perfectly cured AK-47 that is not old or smashed or kiefed can easily be in the last category... the question you have to ask yourself is what is your market and what are they willing to pay? Cali is the wild wild west right now when it comes to weed because it is basically legal, street prices are down. If you are selling your harvest in Chickenfart, Kentucky you will be more easily able to hoodwink and decieve your customers into paying more.

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    I don't know about "Premium" grade... Compared to what we have in our clinics out here in CA, I consider it mid-grade.

    Cynic Well-Known Member

    Would you pay 20$ a G? of some good stuff?

    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    I would call the winner of the 1999 High Times Cup for "best Sativa"
    "high grade" wouldn't you? AK-kicks ass.

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