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ak47 flowering time?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by fask4010, Jan 11, 2009.


    fask4010 Active Member


    so has anyone whos grown ak47 before know what a good time to cut the plants would be? i have 2 under a 400W HPS they are at 6 weeks right now. i dont have a pocket microscope to chek the trichomes and im not sure hwere i will be able to get one. would 8 weeks be good?


    heres a pic of one of the colas

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    Tryingtomastrkush Well-Known Member

    hard to say man but i'd just give it until 90% of the hairs are not white anymore then you know its a decent time to harvst. however a poket micro scope would be able to tell you for sure. In my opinion its not about counting the weeks and harvesting......listen to and watch you plants they will tell you when they are ready

    BadDog40 Well-Known Member

    Normally 8-9 weeks on AK-47.

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