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airport scanners

Discussion in 'The Black Briefcase' started by Korhash, Sep 4, 2010.


    Korhash Active Member

    Anyone have any issues getting seeds or cannabis through the scanners at the airport? I went through with a pack of cigarettes one time and it set off the alarm. could that have been the cellophane or the tobacco? The NSA dude said it was the tobacco.
    Anyhow, I've got to get these seeds to my final destination with me cause I don't have a mailing address yet? Should I be concerned?
    x Scarface x

    x Scarface x Member

    Im pretty sure they wouldn't set of the alarms if you concealed them in your pocket or something
    If you wrapped them up and put them in your bag through the x-ray scanner, i'm pretty sure they would stop you.
    In the uk you can set up a post box for yourself if you don't have an address maybe the same applies in the country your planning to get too.
    One word of advice, dont try it if your coming or leaving from taiwan and them asain places.
    You'd be giving up the rest of your life : p
    Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Well-Known Member

    All packs of cigarettes I have ever seen had a tinfoil wrapper inside. That's metal and depending on how sensitive the metal detector is set, that can set off an alarm.
    I have went through airport checks wearing my dog tags. Some, but not all, of the walk through scanners alerted to the metal.

    As far as "sniffing" types of scanners, I think there are searching for vapors that come from explosives.
    Put the seeds into normal everyday things the TSA people see...Inside ball point pen bodies and such.
    As stated, be careful where you pass. Some places lock you up for life and others just kill you.

    Korhash Active Member

    I think i'm just going to put them in my pockets. I'm just being freakin paranoid. Thanks for the advice...

    robside Active Member

    If you do put them in your pocket, put them in a "back" pocket that does NOT PULL OUT!! like your front pockets do. Some jeans have a "coin" pocket in the front right pocket. you can use that tinny pocket too.
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    travgrows Member

    I had some seeds down my pants and went through Dubai. I made sure I wore the same clothes I had on for other times when I had gone through the airport scanner, and triple checked my pockets. This time I totally forgot about my watch and it set of the metal detector. The guy waved me through and did a pretty thorough pat down. I pointed to my watch and he sent me on my way. Needless to say I almost crapped my pants but I told my self to stay cool. Next time I mail my stuff, not Midnight Express for me!
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    Korhash Active Member

    I've noticed that other countries aren't quite as anal as the US unless you are going to the US, but arab countries still seem to be relaxed more than asian countries.
    growin miguel

    growin miguel Member

    could you put seeds into your check in bags? do the TSA people scan those bags? im takin a little bit with me on the plane and im reallly paranoid about actually having it on me when i pass through the scanners

    redivider Well-Known Member

    yeah, let's carry weed with us to the airport... where now they're starting to use x-ray scanners than can see THROUGH clothes and into your anal cavity in pretty good detail....

    sounds like a great idea.

    Arizer Member

    lol, I had to do this last week and was super sketched about it too, because I never had before. I just put it in a baggie, lined it in my pants waist line, and walked through the metal detector. If you don't look like a sketchy mofo, the smell isnt bad and make sure you have absolutely NOTHING that could set off the detector, you're pretty much golden. DON'T be a retard and put it in your shoe, though. You have to take your shoes off through security. But then again, i'm a girl. And a pretty darn dumb and innocent looking one, at that. Soo, goodluck!

    edit: BTW i would NOT put them in checked baggage. I didn't want to leave my portable i-olite vape behind, and I didnt have time to mail it so I just cleaned it out and stuck it in my checked bag. After I got back and a few days later, I found a printed note from the airline that they'd searched my bag. Amazingly though they hadn't bothered the vape or even the little glass jar that had evidence of left over kief, lol. anyway- NO CHECKED BAGS
    noober doober

    noober doober Active Member

    Not entirely true. If you have a large metal object in your ass, yes that will show lol. seeds under your balls or in your ass will not. I made it through a full body xray with just over an 1/8th this summer with it tucked tightly between balls/taint/legs. For a little more info, see my response in the obove thread asking a similar question.

    monkster Active Member

    I have friends that work for TSA so I know. Metal sets it off but the cigarette foil won't by itself. The combination of foil, zipper, small belt buckle, etc will. Seeds won't do anything, won't set off baggage scanner or metal detector. Even if you have seeds in your bag they won't care and it won't set off the xray.

    People get caught with drugs because they try to hide it. Example, one dude had weed wrapped in aluminum foil and stuffed down his pants. Had he just had the weed stuffed and made sure to get rid of all metal (and was not a selectee pax who are always searched) he would've been straight. False bottoms, fake books, all that looks suspicious on xray so it's gonna be checked. Any uniformed organic material will look suspect on xray, so don't go with a pound wrapped tight because if it's dense enough it'll look like explosive material and will be checked.

    Best bet, just put it down your pants, make sure it's not metal so to cause an alarm. If you are selected to be checked, the metal from your zipper will cause a beep from the hand wand so practice at home, if you can pat down where you stuff it with the back of your hand and not feel anything unusual you're straight. And if you already don't know, don't put it in your shoes or socks.
    King Dingaling

    King Dingaling Active Member

    send it in the mail it will be no problem iv done it many times no risk

    realmaple1 Active Member

    get a plastic bag rubberband or anything wrap them around ur balls. lol i got away with weed on a cruise a few years back when i went to the caribbeans.

    smok3y1 Active Member

    1.Take filter and a tiny bit of cig
    2. Put seed inside then filter
    3. Go through scanner
    5. Profit!!

    BadAndy Well-Known Member

    a WoW player by chance?

    420monster Well-Known Member

    wrapping a pack of cigs with a little bit of rubber from like a bike tube will stop the detection of little metal by the wands i dont know about the walk threws

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