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Airflow in Growbox question..

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by illyria, Feb 2, 2010.


    illyria Active Member

    Hi guys,

    I've just built myself a 3foot x 4foot x 7foot box(height). I've built a base for the box to sit on and insulated it since its directly on concrete.

    I've purchased a 600watt HPS light with a cooltube.

    I have a squirrel cage fan that I will be using to filter out the air through a home made carbon filter. Also going to hook up a series of 2 CPU fans to suck out the air from my cooltube.

    My question is this... I'm looking to make this as smell-proof as possible. How would I make my air intake smell proof?
    What type of fan should be used? Should it be on all the time?

    I'll be posting pictures soon of the box.
    I'd love to hear your opinions on how to properly vent this..

    Also where would someone buy Mylar? home hardware store? Plant store?

    Thanks in advance!!! :)

    hellbelly Active Member

    ebay for the mylar.
    As far as making the intake smell proof, I'd suggest leaving the squirrel cage fan on all the time to create negative pressure so your smelly air goes through your filter and not out your intake.
    Also let everything run for a few light cycles before adding plants to ensure your temps aren't too high.

    illyria Active Member

    Awesome! thank you very much for the advice :)

    If I had to turn off the squirrel cage fan for any reason.. How long would I have before it should be turned on again? Lets say 10 plants in the box...

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