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air purifiers for smell control?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by XopiateX, Aug 29, 2008.


    XopiateX Active Member

    So I'm growing in my closet and while its only bagseed for now I'm still concerned about the smell - especially cuz the cop station is across the street - fingers crossed they don't have dogs -

    any way i wanted to know if anyone has used/ had any success using those air purifiers as a smell control. says they get rid of bad odors and I was gonna buy one and wrap carbon filter around the output...

    heres a link of the model I'm lookin at- which I'm prally gonna buy no matter what and i'll let you all know how it goes if no one has tried this...
    Walmart.com: Ionic Pro Combo Air Purifier Plus Bonus Car Air Purifier: Home Improvement


    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    They are a complete waste of time and money for controlling odors. Just use the money to get a inline type fan (even a cheap duct booster type) and build any of the good DIY acticated carbon filters.

    XopiateX Active Member

    word im just lookin for somethin that doesn't involve cutting holes in my closet walls since im on rented property and my closet isn't air tight at all so an extract fan wouldn't really work out...

    any ideas?

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    You don't have to extract the air for a carbon filter to work. It can draw and vent right into the same air space and work magic. Fan pulling through filter with no vent hose, cheaper to build than just the air cleaner alone. Those air cleaners alone really do nothing at all about the smell so it would be like wasting $100, all you'd get that's useful from it is the fan, which is not as good as a $40 or less duct booster fan from home depot or wherever.

    newgrower0789 Active Member

    you should take a look at the 3 in one ionic ozone air puifier. im hearing from alot of ppl they work pretty well. i might actually give it a shot. that or make a $3 carbon filter. I read those work pretty well too.

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member


    mobone Well-Known Member

    So your tellin me.... That just attaching this bag of active carbon to the back of my fan, that that will catch the smell... I find it so hard to believe but if you say so.

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    rufus fly

    rufus fly Active Member

    Hey have you thought about that small carbon filter they sell in the same area as the air purifiers made by febreeze I used it in my drying cab worked very well its soposed to cover an area that is 6x6.

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    those make for a nice add on. it will cover smells.

    carbon removes the smell.

    both work good together

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