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Air Flow

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by budzrus, Nov 30, 2012.


    budzrus Active Member

    Hello everyone. I have a 4ft by 4ft by 8ft tent. I have been trying to figure out how much airflow I need in it. Can anyone help please?

    Silicity Active Member

    depends if its totally enclosed, i only use a small free standing oscillating fan for 3 lights with no exhaust or intake as i got enough holes and leaks from other rooms. is your room enclosed?

    dizzlelizzle Member

    Hey, this is my first post!

    4X4X8 = 128 square feet. You want to look for a fan that is rates AT LEAST 128 CFM. That means it can clear the room of air in 1minute.
    Beware that most fans that say 150CFM are in reality way lower. There's nothing wrong with having a larger extraction fan.
    I have a closet almost the same as you. 3.5 X 4 X 8. I used to have a small 4" fan and it wasn't pulling enough air.
    I would go with a can max 6" fan. (rated at over 300CFM) You will be fine. Mine is creating enough negative pressure I feel my ears pop in the room! The room stays a constant 74 degrees with a 400w light on. I'll probably switch to a 600W for flowering.
    Hope that helps!

    Beachside Member

    It all depends on how many lights your planning on burning. A 6" out and a 4" in would work for up to 2-3 600s but i would go with an 8" out and a 6" in then you amazing airflow and the ability to use 4 600s. The more times you fan can replace the air in your room per minute the better! Unless of course your going Co2 and that is a whole different ball game!

    Oh shit man I thought you said 4x8 tent.... Hahaha yeah go with what dude said... 6" out and 4" in you'll be jammin! Throw a thousie in there and have some fun!

    Krondizzel New Member

    Fack that. I have a 4x8x7 tent, 224 cu ft. With 2800w in there, to keep it at 80F, I must run a 6" 440CFM exhaust blower and 2 4" 200cfm intake blowers.

    What would be ideal, is 1 air exchange per minute. Mine does a complete exchange in 30 seconds. The more air exchanges, the faster your heat will be displaced, and your air won't stink. More air exchanges = less stale air. Keeps the smell down big time.

    Also, for those of you that don't run Co2, co2 only makes up about 2% of the air. If you don't have a good air exchange, your co2 will be limited as well. Fresh air makes em happy as hell. Also, it will keep your RH down. (i pull outside air in, and its the middle of winter, so its dry and cold out there.

    budzrus Active Member

    Thanks for the responses it helps out alot. To answer Silicity the room I have the tent is is not totally enclosed but the tent is. It gets it heat and air from my central heating and cooling system. I keep the house at 72 degrees and the tent stays right at 75 degrees and the humidity stays at 45%. I have one oscillating fan as I run with cfls. What I am looking into doing is getting an odor control system going. I figured the airflow would be important. I am going with 4" duct lines and fans. Just don't want to overdo it or underdo it. You out of all the sites I looked into this forum has by far been the best. Thanks again all.

    Beachside Member

    You might want to think of making a window box and getting your fresh air from outside where it will be cooler then 7? Degrees. Or, conversely, you might live in the deep south and that is horrible advise : )

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