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Agent Orange uncured high report.

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by tardis, Mar 19, 2011.


    tardis Well-Known Member

    OK! The TGA Subcool Agent Orange is almost completely done drying, then i'm going to cure it. I took 2 nugs out of my dryroom and i'm gonna give it a test.

    I grew this in Foxfarm oceanforrest, i vegged indoor then flowered outdoor in the Hawaii sun. the dried nug has very very very very very strong orange smell, Subcool wasn't kidding. Let me grind this up and see how it effects me.

    OK ground up it has a small smell of oranges with a hint of candy behind it. Smells like a very very sweet tangerine. very strong smell of those Tangalo (tangerine x orange) hanging from my grandparents tree. absolutly fantastic scent.

    Ok, currenlty i'm in a grumpy mood so lets give this a try and see what kind of high it is. Heavy cough, a sting of orange peel flavor on the exhale which is very nice. but uncured I can't taste anything orange in the aftertaste, but it will probly be very strong great flavor after 3 weeks cure knowing subcools gear.

    Ok so far i don't feel anything.... lets give it a minute.

    Ok 2 minutes in and I feel the strong high, it is very potent, but i am having a very hard time describing the high. I want to say its stony with a bit of a shakey vision to it, definete change in perception of time BIG TIME.

    Ok, i'm in a very grumpy mood today, it means my bodys burning fat today so i need to eat more. Anyway, i'm suddenly stupified and waaay more stoned than I thought. There is a bit of hazeyness confusion in the head, body is completly stoned, and i'm still grumpy but nowhere near as grumpy. For need of light euphoria for depression or anxiety this strain works better than most but it doesn't give as much of a euphoric experience, but it is there in the mix compared to other strains. More than cheesequake less than querkle.

    this is getting ridiculous, Its now 8 minutes since I smoked that bowl and I am sooooo ripped. I cleared one ground bongload and i'm completely thrashed. This is do not disturb weed. This is don't have SHIT to do weed because I can not see getting any real work done on this, its much too distracting reminding me of the distraction aspect to Jack the Ripper. Yes it is a trippy high, once again subcools descriptions are to a T with his strains. almost terrifyingly potent at times due to the confusion, but there is that medium euphoria going with it too making it fun. This weed seems to add a magical aspect to ones environment. This just may be too potent for me. NOT a strain for people prone to paranoia. This is NOT weed for you to bring to a party and have someone who doesnt' smoke much take a toke, they would be paranoid to all hell and have a horrible time. But the potency, flavor, and absolute pain distracting qualities (its like a sativa body stone its hard to describe) (it doesn't kill pain as well as the cheesequake did, but it is so much more potent it would be hard to be aware of ones pain on this), not to mention there is a nice light euphoria to it, this is a great strain if you are with people you are close to and you are just gonna kick back and watch a movie. People you are paranoid around, this would make things worse. Soaring sativa high too it but not as much euphoria as the spacebomb, querkle, vortex, flav, apollo 13 but more euphoria than say my old reserva privada RKS.

    This strain has very strong medical properties and uses due to its very intense potency. I was not expecting to be this high right now this early, i thought morning rip to quench my grumpy grumpy mood, but wow i am couchlocked and knowing subcools strains this high will last a few hours. Not the most pleasant high but seems it would be absolutly magical to smoke this outdoors.

    Wow, 10 on potency. this shit isn't to be taken lightly, i shall use this strain in moderation due to its intense nature, perhaps this strain is just too strong for me to use my perculator to smoke it.. maybe I should just not grind up this strain so the bowl is much smaller, it does not take much of this strain to get high and it was my heaviest yeilder of the 5 plants I finished in the last 3 months (now I gotta start some seeds for August).

    as you can tell by my ramblings, i'm wrecked. This stuff will stupify you, any work you are supposed to do if you do it on this weed, you will do it wrong. A little of this Agent Orange goes a long way, so it will last a long time for those like me who smoke what they harvest. This is a smart weed to grow if you know you have long peroid of time between harvests for personal medicine as it will provide you with medicine if harvest takes too long etc. I give the High a B+ but the Potency an A+
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    tardis Well-Known Member

    Its now like an hour and twenty minutes since that bowl. I've almost come down completely. I am no longer grumpy, in fact I feel like the weed gave a shock to my system, a reboot to my emotional state due to its distracting qualitys forcing ones body to relax. Like dunking ones head in cold water this weed rebooted my mood so i'm no longer grumpy and in kinda a good mood. This is potent weed which doesn't need to be ground up because its quite potent. Very spiritual, mystical. I bet this is the kind of weed churchs wanted in their anointing oil (the recipe given to moses had cannabis in it in the bible, look it up. For you religious folk God told moses to make a recipe using cannabis, so either God is a criminal or your anti-marijuana views are sinful). Anyway, This is very mystical religious journey weed, will enhance spirituality aspect of a situation.

    *Reference to bible: Exodus 30:23, Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred [shekels], and of sweet cinnamon half so much, [even] two hundred and fifty [shekels], and of sweet calamus two hundred and fifty [shekels],

    Sweet Calamus is the word used by the hebrews for hemp or marijuana.

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    Very nice report my friend! Makes me want to try this one out! I'm very happy with Vortex so far. This stuff sounds really interesting though. You've piqued my interest!:clap:

    tardis Well-Known Member

    The Agent Orange plant in question.

    Its a little more seeded than I wanted, I just wanted to keep genetics in case it was good cause cloneing really cuts into legal plant numbers so I just seed and cross hoping to find something good nobody has ever smoked before. :)

    So the yield would probly be much bigger unseeded. As you can see every fan leaf survived the entire grow as well as the 2+ weeks of flushing with water. Sure they yellowed heavy in flush, but its the only plant i've ever grown thus far that didn't lose a single fan leaf until I harvested it! Very very strong plant.



    Angry Pollock

    Angry Pollock Well-Known Member

    Very nice report, thanks

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    This report has me very excited to try this strain! I'm fairly sure I'll be picking up some Agent Orange with my next bean order.:bigjoint:

    tardis Well-Known Member

    Yeah and remember thats just 1 seed. I germed and grew one seed. I love that with subcools genes I knwo if I grow one seed something special will happen :) that or just my sativa hybrid leaning taste and love for sweet candy smelling cannabis.

    NewbGrower^.^ Active Member

    I fancy orange strains and have always put off buying this but that has changed now! Great report tardis =D A quick question though.. Do you think temps influenced the color change?

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Sounds good!

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Agent orange was the most orange tasting weed Ive ever bought.
    It blew my mind, creamy an strong orange flavor.

    Makes me want to try grown it , I just wish TGA sold fems.
    I got no room for males in my lil cab.

    dankshizzle Glassblowing Moderator

    i got some right now.. dddddank. big 2 oz nuggets

    tardis Well-Known Member

    I first thought no because the absolute lowest temperature it would have felt woudl be either high 50's F or low 60's F, but I hear its the change between day and night and not so much what the temp is, so yes and no.

    It did over Feb and March in Hawaii, so if it can do it there, it can do it anywhere
    green bean

    green bean Well-Known Member

    Awesome smoke report and pics. Thanks for sharing!

    Barrelhse Well-Known Member

    Great report, as usual. Thanks for all the info- I'm on my second Agent Orange, another male. The 1st one pollinated several plants, incl. a Querkle - just sprouted 4 of 5 of the seeds it made, but it's only been 6 days so I may get 5 yet. A.O.#2 male is stickier and smellier so I will put it to work. Also have a Jillybean male that just gave me some pollen today- I hit a Querkle, P.Exp.,Grapefruit, and Blue Fruit with it. (Also, have a 3-D fem I just flipped, and a Space Queen, Flav, and JTR that just sprouted)
    Sounds like I can look forward to some of my mixes; I have a P.Exp x A.O, Missing x AO, and Kushberry/Sk x AO at 3 wks veg that already look really good.

    tardis Well-Known Member

    OK, the PE X AO might be amazing since both have the same twisted racey high (although I love it in pineapple express its quite frightining on AO),
    But in chat today we were joking about pollenatin ga Querkle with a Jillybean and calling it Dr. Jerkle. Smoking it will make you Hyde.


    that sounds awsome! I got 3 beans of both Querkle and Jillybean. Tho i'm really eyeing the few Qrazy Train seeds i got :):):) Sounds like you got some amazing genetics saving up. Awsome. I got a Cheesequake X Flav growing right now (still seedling) and im looking forward to flowering that out, I hope its female. But i'm really looking forward to the Apollo 13bx x Flav seeds :):):)

    Barrelhse Well-Known Member

    Check my sig later, i will have some pics in a couple of hours.

    tardis Well-Known Member

    OK, I smoked a bongload of an Agent Orange Nug 20 minutes ago. normally I grind up my bud and pack my bong and smoke, but because of how tooo high and paranoid I get off this strain i decided to just put the nug in so there is less bud in the bowl. This is the rigth thing, this is a great strain for potency but its very easy to overdo it because of the potency. Now the effects off one bowl unground up is a nice happy spacey and mentally energetic high. in smaller doses the euphoria aspect of the orange velvet seems to carry more weight, i've noticed the jack the ripper traits take more control when you smoke more of it. So it is a strain of diminishing returns in amount you smoke, but when smoked lightly the potency is amazing, the high is comfortable and enjoyable, and your mind gets racy with thought so its perfect for watching a HD documentary on space and planets as your brain will love the information and the high makes the graphics much more pleasurable to watch. It is in no way a bad strain by any means, i'm surprised how much i'm enjoying the high right now, but it wont help you if you are stress so it is only to be used when stress levels are low and you have time to relax.

    I'm really enjoying the high off of this on this fine sunday morning. Its not by any means my favorite high so not high on my regrow list, but its still something i'm happy I grew out. Potency is the word most associated with this strain, followed by zippy high then euphoria. Best used in low doses due to the intensity of high when one overinduldges. Although as much as overinduldging leads to a sense of stress once that aspect stops you are suddenly carried by the euphoric wave of the orange velvet background. It really makes me want to grow out Jillybean as that high should be strictly this euphoria without the zingy high. So the best thing I can use as a metaphor is that Overinduldgence in this strain is much like dunking your head into a cooler of ice on a hot day and getting that freezing shock then taking it out and shaking it and suddenly that cold attack results in a relaxing euphoric feeling of coolness in the hot sun. Its like dunking your head in icewater, shocking followed by comfort.

    Grower4God Member

    2 ounce nugs, huh?
    Dr. Yo

    Dr. Yo Active Member

    I really enjoyed your review of Agent Orange Tardis.

    I've been interested in Jilly Bean for the longest time because of all the fruity-taste possibilities it's supposed to capture. I really want an orange tasting/smelling strain (without putting orange peels in the bag...;-) )

    Even Subcool says Agent Orange is his largest yielder, and given your testimonial and other research I've done, I'll be hard pressed to not pick up some Agent Orange on my next Attitude order.

    Thanks again.

    stayathomedad Member

    i just wish this thread was about doctor who

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