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after germination

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by mary jane, Nov 21, 2006.

    mary jane

    mary jane Active Member

    just want to know if i need to leave the germinated seeds in total darkness in order for the seedlings to grow out from the soil or do they need light. i have 10 widow seeds in a controlled environment but my bible has nothing to say in this matter. any advice mucho appreciated

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Put them under flouros.
    mary jane

    mary jane Active Member

    even if they havent broke thru the soil yet?
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    Yes. I leave mine on for 24hrs while germinating.
    mary jane

    mary jane Active Member

    sound so. thanks for the advice will keep ye posted.
    i have mazaar aswell germinated - is this good to grow yield/smoking wise.?

    SmokeUmPipe Well-Known Member

    mazaar is supposedly like white widow THC wise and alot of seed banks put it as one of their favorites..so I'm sure the smoke will knock your pants off if grown correctly the yield I'm not sure about though

    shiva Well-Known Member

    i left mine germinating in my airing cupboard in darkness... they broke through the soil and got about an inch and a half high before i put them under light... now they're growing...

    i'm a newbie in a cold part of the world but so far mine is ok...


    mary jane

    mary jane Active Member

    mine have still not broken thru the soil they germinated 6 days ago-is this common or are they fucked. whats the normal time

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    did you make sure the tap root was pointing down. after cracking i place mine under siol less than 1/2 of a inch they pop out within 24 hours. if they had no tap root or they had only cracked you could have planted the seed upside down. i usually poke around a little to see if they are having trouble.
    keep them warm am moist

    Teknique70 Well-Known Member

    Yea Sometimes I poke around a little to see if theyre having trouble too...

    Maybe you put them too far into the dirt....or covered them with too much dirt....

    You want to make sure the dirt is somewhat loose as well

    I f you compact the dirt too much the roots and stem are going to have a hard time pushing through

    Good luck
    mary jane

    mary jane Active Member

    i made sure that the seeds were not too far down and that the soil wasnt to compact. pretty sure they were not upside down. any suggestions in what to do. i mean, will they eventually break thru the soil. thanks for the replies.

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    eventually yes they will. i usually germ in a paper towel first to know for sure if the seeds will pop
    mary jane

    mary jane Active Member

    praise ye gods. one of the ww seedlings has popped out. the rest should follow suit i hope!?!.

    shiva Well-Known Member

    i reckon they should all follow suit... time limit will differ for each one. just tbe patient!

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