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Afghan Peshwar male

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by Vincent VonBlown, Feb 5, 2013.

    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    Here's a male Afghan Peshwar, that I am thinking about using to make some seed with.

    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    It doesn't smell to bad, sort of sweet lime when I rub the stalk.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    very nice.
    have any pics of females? ive been debating on grabbing this one.
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    Well, the females I am using to pollinate, are these.

    001.jpg 002.jpg
    There not the same strain as the male peshwar. I just dusted these females, and they are 4th back crosses to the Thunderstruck clone.
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    I was hesitant to use the male for any type of pollination, as it is a land race strain supposedly. And in general landrace strains present problems when grown indoors. I've grown a lot of these types, and indoors i've never seen it be worth the wait. This peshwar reminds me of the bhutanese thimpu I grew out from the same company. A similar aroma, although the peshwar smells nicer then the thimpu did.

    Even though these are very small plants, I should easly get 50 to 75 seeds each from them, and a few grams of weed to smoke. The cross should be interesting.
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    My work is going to be going up for sale. Although my business model may be a little different then other peoples. Actually I have some excellent stock right now. But I want to run through everything I have left in my seed collection. As well as test some more strains, I may hybridize with.
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    About 9 days left on the pollinated 4th back crossers. 001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 006.jpg
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    The seed looks like another 4 or 5 days still. The resin should be pretty dense by then also :) 005.jpg 006.jpg 004.jpg 008.jpg 010.jpg 012.jpg 013.jpg

    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    Mega frosty,but the kola looks tiny..did you go straight to flower? I recall seeing the strains you mentioned, are they from malberry? Ive always wondered about their stuff because their strains sound exotic and interesting but I havent really seen anyone growing them out.

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    I am not knocking your work but you need to grow out a whole bunch of males and go through a selection process before offering your seeds up for sale. That male could have all kinds of issues that cant be forseen. Wit that being said the resin on those females is beautiful.
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    005.jpg 006.jpg 013.jpg 008.jpg And it is done...

    Just have to let the bud dry for 4 or 5 days, then remove the seeds and let them sit for 30 days. And they will be ready to pop! :)

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    whats the cross?

    and why would you Bx more 2 times?

    like dude was saying you need to go through a lot of males and test a lot of the progeny before youll be even close to selling your stock... also what happened to the frosty male?
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    The frosty males are from the 4th back cross to the Thunderstruck clone.

    Which in turn is made up of (Cinderella 99.25 x Wonderbud)
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    These plants are just dwarfs, even by fluroscent lighting flowering standards. I'm just using them to make a few seeds.

    But they do represent somewhat, how frosty "Wonder Seeds" beans actually are.
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    Perhaps I should explain a bit further. Myself and Mr. Wonder (Bill/William Wonder)

    We are the original breeders of Wonderbud, as well as those guys that introduced the bubbler, and revolutionized DWC ;)
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    And while Bill Holds the keys to Wonder gardens, where all the DWC with HIDs' is done.
    I like to grow under flower fluroscent lights. It produces the best quality bud in my opinion.

    b18.PNG b19.PNG

    a27.PNG These 3 pictures are Wonder plants flowered under Fluro lighting. This last picture, we see on the left, a cut of the legendary Thunderstruck clone, and on the right, the incredible Vito clone. The plants I've put previous pics in are about 1/2 the size of the plant left (TS clone)

    So, there you go on plant size under fluroscent lighting...
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    I like to, (and do) test, under all light regimes with clones. This gives me a better idea of the actual genetic pontential of a female.

    Testing includes:

    1. Natural light (outdoor sun)
    2. Flurosent/LED
    3. HIDs - MH and HPS

    For example, The Vito clone, it performed much better under Fluros, then it did under MH and HPS. Which is natural to some extent. But the variation was high on both ends.

    So, under MH and HPS, the vito clone was a low resin producer, and average at best weed imo. However, it was superior to the Thunderstruck clone, in all aspects under fluroscent light flowering.
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    As for these particular seeds, since I used little dink plants, and I didn't really veg... Soooo

    I would guess that, there will be under a 100 seeds in each plants. I'll start a few to see what they do. But I'm probably going to give the rest to Wallstreet and his homeless seed donations.

    As to quality of the new hybrids I made, I couldn't say for sure, they might be spectacular, or they might be only average. They should fall somewhere in there I think.

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