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Aeroponic setup

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by DND, Aug 4, 2007.


    DND Well-Known Member

    Hello all! New to this board, but not new to growing. I was an OG member for some time, but as we know that is a done deal now. Anyhow, my first grow was in soil in a C14 cabinet. I grew 4 White Rhino females in 3 gallon food buckets under a 250MH light. If I remember right I got somewhere near 1oz a plant and was pretty surprised. I did use low stress training which I believe helped a great deal. The plants had buds everywhere and after the drying and curing, I can honestly say it was the best smoke I’ve ever had.

    So, I’ve decided to try again since I found the whole experience to be so rewarding… only thing is I do not want to deal with soil. It was easy besides logging all that soil around and I was paranoid too since it was the middle of winter walking out of the store with bags of soil. LOL. Probably just me that thought everyone was on to me, but everything turned out fine. Moving on, I’ve decided to try aeroponics, but I’m not going to go out and buy a ready made system. Too much of a DIY’er for all that and I actually enjoy it. I have attached a quick paint drawing of what I came up with, but I would like some feedback from others and some suggestions.

    A few, scratch that… a LOT questions I have…

    What size reservoir do I need for a 12 plant system and how many gph pump will I need?

    I planned on mounting the feed lines on the bottom with the mist nozzles mounted under each plant, is this a good way to go about it?

    What size tubing should I use?

    I want to veg the plants to around 18” and then flower (I would like a large yielding plants) so what size net pots or what do I use to support a larger plant in this setup?

    I would like the roots to be as free as possible to help shorten growing time with max yield. So how long of a tube would you suggest and how much space in between each plant site?

    I guess that’s only a few, but I know I’ll have more. If this is the wrong place to post please forgive me and mods feel free to move.

    Thanks a bunch,

    I would have used the GrowFAQ, but I get an error saying the Database could not be loaded.

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    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    welcome to the forum. You have established your props. Haven't done aero so I can't help much. I know there are several good diy plans for aero that mogie has gotten together. Maybe she can post one of them here for you if the faq is having problems. VV

    DND Well-Known Member

    Thanks VV for the kind welcome. I got some more ideas using the "SEARCH" (duh me), but any info is still appreciated. I will search for some of mogie's posts today.

    Thanks again.

    wafflehouselover Well-Known Member

    your misters need to be between the netpots

    nightshade399 Active Member

    you have the basic idea down...so yeah. Suggestions...

    Make sure your misters are at the top, or else the roots can clog them..and also, like said earlier, in between the plants.

    Because of the tendancy for misters to clog due to nutes, you should use an in-line filter somewhere before the misters. You can also filter once beforce this by using a pump that has a filtered intake. However, I don't how much of an impact all the filtering does to reduce the nutrient strength, if any...but anyway, if you look at most of the expensive pre-fab...you'll notice they use in-line filters.
    Also make sure you have a pump capable of creating the pressure necessary to create the fine mist desired in aeroponic methods.

    Anyway, all this information came from these or other forums of this subject matter, so if you look around enough, you'll find more and more useful stuff to know.

    DND Well-Known Member

    Ok ladies and gents, I have done enough research and have finally came up with a plan on how to build my aero system. I will start a new thread with detailed parts list, instructions and pictures one I get finished. I can't wait till pay day. :hump:

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Check out my gallery you can see the aero setup I built.Its a 28 site setup did a grow journel on this syetm and a how to build it.I'll go build a 6 site aero setup and take some pics and post a link in this thread for ya if ya want gimmie about 30 minutes to go build it real quick think I have enough extras here for 1 real quick cost is about $30-50 depending on the pump.If you have that then its about 8-10 bucks to build it..Hope your works well

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Oh forgot your questions..A 20 gallon res will work use a rubbermaid container.3" net pots will give you enough room for 4 foot finished plants.Iuse 1/2 in hose from the pump to your water distribution manifold (thats where you split off to each grow chamber.I use pvc fence posts you could use 2 posts they are about 7 feet long.I use pvc inside then screw my mister heads into that 1 between each net pot so pots get sprayed from both side.I use either an 850 gph pump or a 1400 gph pump but your growing smaller so at least a 600 gph pump is what Id suggest.Ebay good place to find deals.I take my clones root them in about 4-7 days then toss them in the aero unit veg for 10-12 days that about 14 inches tall then finish at about 3-4 feet per plant.The roots will get tangled and you wont be able to remove them as my roots tend to be over 8 feet long inside but they wont block misters but you may have to watch drains and use a screen.In aero avoid any dry nutes and never use molasses in it.Use open misters and not the round cylinder headed ones with holes as they clog very easy.Ask me if you need any thing else

    DND Well-Known Member

    Hey Filthy, thanks for the advice. I read your thread the other day and took some ideas from your setup you built, very good stuff.

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