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aerogarden v. 2

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by vandewalle, Oct 31, 2006.


    vandewalle Well-Known Member

    well my friend and I just wanted a way to stop hastleing with dealers, so we set out to find a way that would allow us to get a good amound of bud, just for personal use. we came upon the aerogarden which seemed to have everything we needed. we were completely new at growing so we found this site, with grower teknique, who was doing the same thing. so we thought we would follow what he did right and correct what he did wrong. we started wrong because i was retarded and used tap water the first time we grew. so that didnt work, so now we are about 5 weeks behind teknique. but i have posted pictures of parts of our setup, and will post more as this goes along. you can see what we have done here http://www.rollitup.org/marijuana-pics/index.php?n=708, here http://www.rollitup.org/marijuana-pics/index.php?n=707, http://www.rollitup.org/marijuana-pics/index.php?n=706, here http://www.rollitup.org/marijuana-pics/index.php?n=705, and here http://www.rollitup.org/marijuana-pics/index.php?n=704 instead of splicing the wire, we chose to just set it to a seperate timer, so that we could control our own time. this worked out perfectly and everything seems to be going great. we have germinated 4 seeds and thats about all we want for now, we will be moving into clones most likely after the first harvest. I checked the seeds after only one day...less than 24 hours later and they are damn near close to sprouting. i would just like some help from more experienced growers on how to make this work better. i can give more info if needed as well.

    shortys6934 Active Member

    basically you dont have to do shit throw some nuitritients in the water n wait a few months n smoke up, i was wondering how high does that light extend ? your weed plants are going to grow very high that little thing looks like it cant support buds long enough for actual buds to sprout

    vandewalle Well-Known Member

    anyone? anyone at all?

    sous Active Member

    hey, i just got interested in the aero garden...what would your reccommendation be if it was for a low yield (2-4) plant set up...are the lights height adjustable? to what height?

    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member

    You should read the other aerogarden grows because they have a lot of good info contained within them.

    csdyer Active Member

    The aero garden is 16" wide x 82" high with lamp hood raised to it's maximum height. That would be tall enough dont you think?

    smokindeuces Active Member

    did you change anything other than the tap water with your second attempt? i am literally in the first day of my process and i was just wondering if i have already done something very wrong..

    smoketherabbit Active Member

    dudes, you can set the aerogarden to 12/12 by simple holding down the light button ... say at 4:20 and when the lights blink thats your set time every day

    Danskinnyboy Active Member

    You could take the hood off the sprine of the aerogarden n hook it up with chains then its any height u want it to be.

    pwt0001 Active Member

    I have the new aerogarden deluxe and it comes with bigger and more lights, and the light can move 24 in instead of 12.

    iamomeed Active Member

    you're going to end up taking the lights off of it when u flower, you should move them into a bigger bucket at that time and clone them back into the AG

    teppy1954 Active Member

    I am now into my second grow with the AG. I only made two adjustments to the setup straight out of the box. First, I plugged the lights into my own light timer and second, when the plants grew beyond the limits of the light height, I set up a pulley system to suspend the hood over the plants.

    My first grow was essentially skunk. The yield from two females was enough to keep me happy for a very long while, but now I'm experimenting. I recently purchased four feminized Maroccan Gold seeds, (I live near Yongesterdam-thats in Toronto-where seed sales are legal and plentiful) which are indicas and supposedly low riders. I have set two only at opposite ends of the setup so as to give them maximum space to grow. I will keep everyone posted on the progress, I will probably go full growth and then clone from there.

    The system has some limits, you cant keep cloning as the roots have a tendency to clog the pump and you need to rest the system in order to keep the pump clear.

    mj402000 Active Member

    if my light were to go on at say 7 am and i set it to shut off at 7pm would it go on and off at those times everyday or would the internal timer keep running as it was before?

    teppy1954 Active Member

    I'm into my third crop with the AG. My first was Skunk. Used regular tap water and liquid nutes. Yield from 3 plants was approx 2oz. Good body stone. Second was Maroccan Gold. Ok but not what I like-gave most of it to friends.

    This new crop is Bhudda x white widow. I have upped the ante by buying an additional light source. I have not adjusted the base unit at all. When the plants reach 1 foot, I simply rig a string and pulley system with a bar extending out of the base to steady the lights. I have hung some tinfoil off the AG lights to cut light dispersal and finally I have begun topping the plants to keep the bud growing outward instead of upward.

    I estimate another four weeks of veg state, then I will begin the maturation process.

    thinkfirst Active Member

    I bought my boyfriend a smaller aerogarden with the same alterior motive. I'm wondering if I should only plant cheeba or if growing a short flower would leech too much light.
    Also, how do I work with chicken wire to stunt the plant height? and, about how high should the light go? Highest possible?
    we'll see.

    Kludge Well-Known Member

    Wow, almost 7 feet tall and almost a foot and a half wide! That is one huge ass AeroGarden... what are they calling that? AeroGarden XXXL? ;)

    HSA Well-Known Member

    It's amazing how fast your seeds will sprout in and A/G.
    The growth rate is phenomenal and you can grow buds right out of the box. Just don't expect miracles.
    We're talking about two to three plants max, two feet tall, in a self contained growing system that can give you a harvest in three to four months, depending on how serious you are.

    HSA Well-Known Member

    If you got him an Aerogarden -3 have him grow you basil and oregano because that's what it was designed for. For M/J you want a six or seven hole system with a three lamp hood on a 24 inch arm/light stand. With that you'll get M/J in three to four months with little effort.

    HSA Well-Known Member

    Go back to the directions and they'll tell you how to reset your light. If it's an older model like mine you'll need an independent light timer and a figure eight cord.

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