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aero cloner roots growing inside pucks only

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by blacks.lily, Apr 12, 2010.


    blacks.lily Member

    going through the first round of clones in the new aero cloner and have gotten off to a very slow start. finally getting strikes after 14 days but roots are only growing on the part of the stems covered by the neoprene puck. I actually have to peel the clones out of the pucks. (ripping off some of the new root growth) is this normal? I have about an inch to inch and half of exposed stem in the cloner. too wet down there or what? i have straight water ph down to 5.8 , 1 ml h202 / vitamin b1 per gallon of water in the rez. sprayers running 24/7. i guess its not really a problem since im getting roots, but it seems curious...

    thanks for the help.

    siccmade420 Active Member

    could be too wet. u have it on a timer?
    Jesse Buck

    Jesse Buck Member

    I too am having similar problems. My roots grew outside and inside but I am having slime and mold problems. My temp is below or around 82f (room temp). pH is set to between 6.5 and 7. I recently added H202 but in higher concentrations, Rosenthal recommends 1L H2O2/5L H2O, but mine is half that or so. Timer is set to 15 on/30 off. I don't know whats happening my stems are brown and smushy. I've cut off the moldy, smushy part and put the roots from within the puck just outside it (mistake?). I'm worried I've already lost this strain.

    zer0ed Active Member

    i heard 1min on 5 min off on a timer?

    and watch out for light leaks in the resivour

    cpc Member

    i had that problem breifly. what i do when i take clones is i the the 45 cut then take my sissors or razor blade and scrape off the outer skin for about a 1/4-1/2 inch, roots will start to form on the scraped part and not so much on the stem part. It also helps to have a good inch of regular stem between the puck and scraped part. i had it to close and some roots started to pop out of the puck, the plant was fine.
  6. yup same issue wit mine wtf! rt? anywho ya too much water. run it every 6 hours or so, you will have to watch it. like mine comes on only 3 times a day. just with all other cloning methods they cant be too wet or to dry. find the goldie locke zone ;) and id say only run sprayer for about 10 min every 6 er so hrs. light leaks bad too, constant leaks , but a peak a week wont hurt.

    basically once you put the cuts in and turn on sprayer for first 10-15min it warms up the the moist air in cloner. the cuts need a break from straight water so they grow roots to seek out water+nutrition. eating 3 times a day is good for humans too, 24/7 not so much ;)

    hope this helps guys, peace
    70's natureboy

    70's natureboy Well-Known Member

    I just tried out a Cloneking and the directions said to use tap water and leave it on 24/7 and mist them the first couple days. Easy as that, I never looked at them again until day7 then day 10 and 14. I transplanted at day 17 but should have done it at day 14. 100% success rate. KISS

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